whats happening to me

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whats happening to me
Post # 1
i had an experience when i went to a church were i started to sweat shake and black out from what i was told after it was all over with.something took host in me as it was told to me by a pastor who did deliverance ministry. I was up front he lay hands on me anointed me with oil and well it turned all bad i black out this thing attaches to me enters me takes host of me what ever you would call this ,this thing had me in a dog like stance all fours hands in a fist to represent paws i guess my demeanor changed it spoke in a deep dark bone chilling voice she will be ours and he said my eyes went from brown to black as night and it snarled and glared at him as if it wanted to kill him he said he kept praying over me never backed down never flinched went to war with this thing that took up house in me then i began to shake tears started to flow then i dry heaved vomited and came to with a cloth over me .This has happened more then once to me two or more times in that certain church 3-4 times in the home me and my first husband lived in and other times it has occurred but only thing changed was it was standing and talking demonic other times i had things attach itself to me once from a movie that was scary as hell because this thing black mist shot at me and my husband said it was like nothing he ever saw i stood up glared my eyes turned black i picked up a knife i was given as a gift with wolves on it and passed then walked out of our apartment with it with a look of a killer then i have had times were people have had things in there homes and i got attacked or hosted me attached them self to me . long story short i have gown threw this sense i was a teen one black figure made me feel like it wanted to kill me like it was trying to suffocate me was in bed this black image it looked like a man but black and misty but you could tell it was a human like figure had its hand on my neck pushing down then i tried to scream and kicked swung then it was on top of me holding me down to were i could not move with one hand pushing hard on my throat i let out a horrifying scream my husband runs in the room seas me crying gagging cant move but my arms and legs I am kicking hitting hes asking me whats wrong im white as a ghost in color my skin color is the color of coffee after you were to put creamer in it normally he said it looked like a saw death the other time i had been attacked a entity of black mist attempted to pull me out a window after friends and i used a spirit board i was 15 16 17 maybe had know clue this stuff was real was not raised to be any religion so i did not know they can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing other times i have pushed hard antagonized bulled a home that was felt to have ghost and shadow people demon like figures or dog looking things to get them to fallow me then id ground my energy puke get faint sometimes eyes would change sometimes not depended on what i was having to deal with . I know that's not a good thing to ever do but I allowed something dark to enter me to get it out of my friends house because i did not have anything but my pentagram and crystal on my neck and salt and a white candle i had to take a chance and do a no no felt fine after i dry heaved for 4-6 minutes then went home sitting on my couch go to take off my crystal and pentagram and i got sick and attacked twice at friends house scratches on my neck and arm and home scratches like claw marks on my tummy and it felt like it was on fire drooped me to my knees cat hissing at me so i new something was wrong called for my boyfriend he lifted me off the floor in my bathroom sat me on the couch need to know what spell to protect me my home and a spell to deal with what's in my friends house the ghosts don't freak her out its the shadow person that freaks her out this thing has other ghosts three kids and a women hostage and un able to go to the light and move on the children stay in one room in her house the women hides a lot and the black figure is trying to get to the kids to use them to get to the women is what i felt and saw when i fully opened myself up . so i have been a willing and un willing host i have been attacked hurt and this has gown on sense i was a teen i was told i had a black ora surrounding me not sure how true this is could that be whats attracting all the demonic stuff to me when i am not fighting anything things will happen to me ive seen what i think is my spirit animal a silver and gray wolf i have seen missing or dead people ill go into tunnel vision mode then come home those cards in the mail we us to get about have you seen this person call i was right on it about how the person looked id come home get the mail there on the card was the person i saw in my tunnel vision that has only happened to me 2-3 times i predicted a car wreck i and my first husband would be in and it came to pass i new i was not meant to follow any main stream belief or religion like being baptist catholic christian it felt wrong and bad things would happen to me when i would try to walk those paths then one day i was drawn to the new age occult section of a bookstore i mean pulled to it look down see books on witch craft Wicca pagan and it felt like a ten story building had been pulled of me and now i study every chance i get am having to relearn do to personal health issues so starting all over again but not to sure on how to handle what to do in dealing with all the not normal things going on with me and around me
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Re: whats happening to me
Post # 2
It sounds as though you have several issues going on. You may benefit from a therapist that specializes in paranormal issues.
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Re: whats happening to me
Post # 3
Lots of issues, see a doctor. This can maybe be a fear, or your not healthy in a certain place. Luck, and message me for more,
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Re: whats happening to me
Post # 4

it was trying to suffocate me was in bed this black image it looked like a man but black and misty but you could tell it was a human like figure; That part sounds like shadow people, but they are often said just to be there draining/observing you. But i dont have any experiences with shadow people, so I cant say its one.

I would recommend going to a doctor as previously stated, but cleanse your house, with sage for an example. And then put out protective talismans in your home and carry one with you.

I sadly cant say what the rest is.

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Re: whats happening to me
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
i think that there could be 2 solutions
1) you are a schizophrenic or whatever is the right word for being token over by a alternate personality
2)if it is a posesion than it would lead me to balive that aighter it is a incredibly powerful spirit doing this in aighter case probably when you are weekend i have never delt with a posesion on this scale but in any case the strong of will are harder to posses so work on focuse some more, if you feel confident enough that you can keep it in check i would try to comunicate with it and just talk it oat if not than clanse yourself get some mystic protection and try to keep your focus up so that it would be dificlt to control you
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