when is a spellsuccessful

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when is a spellsuccessful
Post # 1
excuse the bad grammar, but how do you know when a spell is successful?
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Re: when is a spellsuccessful
By: / Novice
Post # 2
the heart of your spell is the intention.

when the intention or purpose "happens" you know its worked.

This a really general way to look at are the one making the intention, you are the one doing the work, so you are the one who will know that it has worked.

Make any sense?

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Re: when is a spellsuccessful
Post # 3
I actually understoof that hahha.
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Re: when is a spellsuccessful
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Try not to be focused on one outcome. You might cast a love spell expecting your crush to walk up and ask you out, instead, he says hi to you, or some other person starts following you around. Being focused on your crush running up and declaring their undying affections probably won't happen, and you'll miss the spell actually working, but in a different way, or on someone else. After some time, the spell wares off, or the person gets disappointed and leaves, then the caster gets mad and concludes the spell didn't work.

Spells work in subtleties, in energy, in feelings. It does not make things instantly appear, it takes time. You'll know it works when you receive the thing you cast for, you may not find 100$ on the street like you thought, but you get a bonus at work. [Or a darker one, a relative dies and leaves you the money. It could happen]
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Re: when is a spellsuccessful
Post # 5

You actually never know that a spell is successful.

Spells must be cast with reality in mind or they have an extremely hard time coming to manifest your intentions. With that being said it's best to set up your spell not just by prepping for the casting itself but prepping your life to best suit the conditions required for the spell again, to manifest your intentions.

For example you don't cast a spell to bring in money if you don't even have a job or some form to gain money like sales or a lottery ticket (as impractical as that last one is). It's often best to prepare in multiple ways so you might choose to get a job and do a yard sale.

For this very reason successful spells can easily be confused for naturally occurring events. Not every spell cast that which the intended outcome manifests is necessarily successful. It's entirely up to chance. A spell is not to force nature to do anything, it's to increase the possibilities of nature working in your favor. Just because you cast a spell and you get what you want doesn't necessarily mean that nature gave it to you because you asked for it.

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Re: when is a spellsuccessful
Post # 6

When a spell is successful?

There are some things you'll want to take into consideration with this question.

How much time has passed? And what was the desired and reasonable wait time?

Was the intent fulfilled?

Does more work need to be done?

How much time has passed and does it coorelate with the amount a reasonable amount of time for the working?

You need to think on the time frame that is reasonable for the change you are engendering and the way you have gone about creating the change. We'll skip the, " Was your spell realistic? " I'll assume this isn't a conjuration of dragons or an attempt to be a werewolf. Now a goal such as getting a new love and targeting a person to love you, will have varying time expectations. Getting someone to love you through magic can be an ongoing practice that you have to continue well into the relationship, where as an attracting love spell would manifest more quickly as you can pull from any number of individuals. So, you must wait the appropriate amount of time for a spell to work it's way into manifestation. There is no set way to gauge, just a bit of common sense.

An added not to this: Using common sense and hardwork will allow manifestation that much easier.

Was the intent fulfilled?

This would be the basic premise of the question. A thought, that most people don't realize is, the intent is the driving point here. There are often people who request one thing, and get another and are stuck wondering what happened. What the answer usually is, mis-communication of intent or a mind closed to possibility. Not everything manifest in the expected manner. You asked for money and found a few pennies in the road? Well you have to look at the time and energy that you put into the spell and the quality of each, often they'll match up with the outcomes that are.... less than expected. Other times, exactly as was said above, the solution and manifestation will be following you around, but you are so transfixed on your expected outcome that the spell can't pan out because you are working against yourself.

In some cases, such as curses or more subtle workings, a divination may be done to see how are things are manifesting.

Does more work need to be done?

If you have allowed for a reasonable length of time and kept an open mind and still nothing has come of it, you may consider doing another, more powerful work. I highly suggest doing a reading or getting one done on the matter. Put lots of time and thought into doing it again. Some things simply aren't meant for you at this moment, that's something you should respect. If you are going to do another work you may want to "crank up the volume" for it or approach it from another side. If you work with spirits, you may wish to consult them and ask for their aide, be sure to get them an nice gift for doing so. If you are already working with them, you may wanna consult with them as to why it hasn't worked. You may have to do some magic of your own, empowered by that of the spirits to get the job done. If you have already done all you can, you may wish to seek out the services of another, more experienced worker for guidance and help.


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