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Circle/Sacred Space
Post # 1
I just had something brought up to me today... There's a social site I go on sometimes called GaiaOnline, which is like MySpace almost, except your avatar is this anime character you create and dress. Much like this site, you must at least be a teenager to join. There's a forum that has several topics and thousands of threads covering all sorts if subjects. Within a forum thread that was discussing magick and how people define and use it, I've been having a conversation on the difference between prayer and spell with another user. They brought up a very interesting point... This person said that, from their experience, their spells tend to be more effective and powerful when they don't have a circle cast or any sacred space. So, what's your guys' opinions on that? What's your experience? I, personally, prefer to cast a circle after purifying and blessing the area and I used to actually do this for even simple prayers; it have me a sense of confidence and security. What's your feedback? What do you do?
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Re: Circle/Sacred Space
Post # 2
Personally, I do not always cast a circle. It really depends on the spell itself and how I am feeling, say if I'm working on a healing spell for another I will cast a circle to really balance out and protect myself from any negative energies as well as to ask guidance from certain deities and beings I call for help. If it's a healing spell for myself, depending on how elaborate it is, I will not. Also, if I am feeling a bit negative and feel I need help to keep the negativity away(regardless of the type of spell) I will cast my circle. So, I guess it really depends on the person, their belief, and maybe even the situation.
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Re: Circle/Sacred Space
Post # 3
Okay then, thank you. Would anyone else like to share?
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Re: Circle/Sacred Space
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

The circle serves two different purposes in magical workings. First it maintains a barrier between the caster and any negative influences that might be drawn to the site by the working of magic. Second, and in spellwork perhaps the more important, it contains the energy raised by the caster to power the spell until the caster is ready to release that energy to its intended goal.

I don't always use a circle in my personal magical workings if they are fairly simple and straightforward. As an example, when I am cooking dinner I might draw up some energy and put it into the food to nourish our bodies and keep us healthy. Or I might work a simple protection into the laundry as I am folding clothes to put away.

But if I am doing a working of some complexity and one needing extra energy and focus, or it I am also invoking the aid of the Gods in what I do, then I would work within the cast circle. And I always work within a cast circle when doing a working with my coven. This latter is because it takes focus and effort to meld the energies of multiple participants into a coherent whole with a very clear intent.

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