Anyone want to help me?

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Anyone want to help me?
Post # 1
Hello people :D I was wondering if there was anyone out there who could help me become more advanced in magic,to teach me how to perform it better.I am a Air/Wind Elemental my elements magic is my strongest.I seem to be good at channeling my own energy to give me power,Like to make my punch stronger and make me run faster im good at that,But i want to be better at Elements because truly im really only good at Air element magic but i want to become more in touch with all the elements so i was wondering if anyone could give me Element spells that they use to maybe increase their physical strength or other useful things,I would like advise to mastering the power of element magic I have been into magic since 2nd grade though then i really knew nothing but knew how to channel my energy to help me do things but that's not the point so anyone can give me element spells and give me advice that would very kind and thanks
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Re: Anyone want to help me?
Post # 2
Well, as far as I know, all magick is elemental. You light a candle, which has fire, the wax probably has water, the fire needs air, and almost any holder it's in would be earth, and in a sense the candle would have it's own spirit, that's elemental. That's just one example. By "air magick" do you mean that you practice magick that deal more with the element of air or to do things like help make wind or promote the chances of new air flow? And a second grader wouldn't do much magick, but I know from personal experience that a second grader could be introduced to it and the idea and practice of it. And as for learning, there are plenty of spells, rituals, prayers, and articles on the sure plus plenty of helpful and knowledgable members who are willing to answer questions and give feedback.
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