Do Money Spells Work?

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Do Money Spells Work?
Post # 1
Dear people of "Spells of Magic" Forum
Today I have thought of something related to magick/magic,
Do money and money related spells work (Specifically this one ) because I would like to do it but dont know if I should spend the money too do it.
Thank you,
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Re: Do Money Spells Work?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: Do Money Spells Work?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
i've never tried this spell, so i can't say for certain, but i would give it a try. keep in mind how magick works, if you don't know 'the basics' the spell won't work because you need to use energy to cast a spell, you also need to visualize and focus. it's not as simple as lighting some incense and reading a few words.

money spells do work, but don't expect money the rain down upon you. a money spell works in a few ways, so don't walk around thinking you will find 100$ bill on the street. your boss might offer you a few extra shifts, your bank might offer you a higher interest rate, you might get a raise. it's not necessarily 'found money' or 'lottery winnings' it can be a number of things.

magick also rewards people. call it a deity, the universe, or karma, but sometimes casting too many spells, or spells you really don't need, will cause it to not work or backfire. you need to work for your goal, perhaps after casting the spell you might ask around if people need leaves raked, or if you could do extra chores. if you don't put forth the effort, the spell won't work. [most spells work this way] what do you need the money for? is it a want or a need? this can determine if you will get the money, but you never know unless you try. don't get greedy, the money has to come from somewhere after all.
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Re: Do Money Spells Work?
Post # 4
I don't think they work. You can't say a few words and money will show up on your door step.
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Re: Do Money Spells Work?
Post # 5
I have asked a similar question.
Keep in mind money won't just appear, you have to open up opportunities for it to come, like buying a lotto ticket [Not 100% chance] , having a job, maybe even a garage sale.

But, if you will it enough and perform it right and truly give it all the chance, I see no reason why it shouldn't work.
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