Major questions

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Major questions
Post # 1
I have always felt a connection to Wicca and spells. I never tried any of this. I guess I mean how do you know this is what you believe. I just feel there is far more out there and I just love this stuff. I have honestly always wished to to able to do spells. Just need some guidance. Also I have a strong connection to the moon, stars,water, and types of stones and rocks. I don't know if this means anything but my mother has always asked what is my obession with these things and nature.

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Re: Major questions
Post # 2
If you're drawn to Wicca, then chances are it's a good path for you. To do spells, you must first learn the basics, and Newbie Central is the best place to start here. As for Wicca, many sites, books, and site forums can aid you in this. Explore what you can, you might find something that interests you other than Wicca, or take the eclectic way of things and have your own path to follow. I hope it helps.
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Re: Major questions
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Belief isn't a thing that's separate from you, that you can run through a litmus test and measure, "15% Patriarchal Monotheism, 25% Secular Humanism, 30% Materialism, 1% Scientology like what where did that come from?" I took a test on I think it was BeliefNet and got Mahayana Buddhism. I had no idea what that involved. Maybe some of my philosophies coincided with that, but I had to do a LOT more reading, get much more familiar with the culture of origin, before I could accurately call myself a Buddhist. Which, actually, I just never got around to doing.

You just know what you believe because... it's what you believe. It's your experience, your evaluation, your reasoning, your life. Nobody else's.

It sounds like what others call an obsession of yours is simply how you honor what is significant and powerful. Embracing that is one way to start.
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