Armanen Futhark

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Armanen Futhark
Post # 1
I have learned about the Armanen futhark as described by Guido von List. I have reservations about that system. I was hoping to get some opinions about this if anyone cares to say something.

Be Well
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Re: Armanen Futhark
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

As far as I'm aware, the Armanen runes were associated with very hateful groups, the creator of which was a part of.

Personally, I like the Elder Futhark best because that's what the region I follow uses. If you're an Anglo-Saxon Heathen, you would use the Futhorc, and so on.

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Re: Armanen Futhark
Post # 3
The Elder Futhark represents a broader, thus more useful spectrum of divining possibilities. The Younger is too watered down, and the Futhorc is repetitive. Best to just focus on the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark if you're wanting them for divination.

Also, The Armanen Futhark is the fluffy creation of a madman and his psycho nationalist pals. ;)
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Re: Armanen Futhark
Post # 4
I found the same things. Just had to see what others knew about it, thanks
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Re: Armanen Futhark
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I personally use the Armanen Futharkh on occasion, being a German myself. I find that because of their history, they've gotten a bad wrap. As for Herr Von List. He's an interesting fellow but because of the whole, volkisch things and the like, that he was associated with, the positives that he has built seem to be forgotten. His personal views are something else, and a matter of discussion. As for his Futharkh runes and works, most people are afraid to associate themselves with it because of the whole "Nazi scare" and do not give Von List any credit, although he really does deserve it. Without his contributions, who knows if the revival of germanic beliefs and the runes would have ever been a reality? Surely someone would have come around, but the time that would be?
Again, this is an interesting area but one that one must tread carefully. I'd recommend you'd read more into it and perhaps read "Das Geheimnis der Runen" and make your own assumptions and decisions.
Hails and blessings!

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Re: Armanen Futhark
Post # 6
Personally, I don't mind the Futhark in and of itself. I don't judge anything solely by the character of it's creator.

As for it being "fluffy", I put it on the same level as Enochian. Neither are ancient languages or sets of symbols, but both claim to be. This doesn't make them any less useful in magic.
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Re: Armanen Futhark
Post # 7
I label it as fluffy because the set is fluffed with symbols solely altered or made up with meaning attached that represented or promoted far right Nationalism. Not that it cannot be used for magic, but the thing is "fluffed" up with nonsense. Fillers, additives, misrepresentation, misleading meanings, etc.

And I firmly believe that sigils, symbols, and systems created by someone contains an essence of its creator, especially something so relatively modern. Are you sure you want caught up in that?

I presume you're not a fully devoted, reconstructionist heathen, otherwise you'd be outraged that this "futhark" even exists. What with all the white supremacists, nationalists, fascists, and racists misappropriating and bastardizing our symbols and faith and all.
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