Become Another Person?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Become Another Person?
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Become Another Person?
Post # 1
Is There A Spell (Not A Body Swap) Where I Can Go Into Someone's Body But Keep Mine Doing It's Own Thing, Or A Spell Where I Can get Rid Of My Body And Go Into A New Body, Of There Is One, I Know Exactly Who I Want To Use It On, Obviously A Beautiful Girl

Thanks In Advance If You Can Give Me A Working One

Re: Become Another Person?
Post # 2
You can leave the body in astral
There are many stories in witchcraft where the witch have performed such thing,
Where as in i got no one really doing it,and i have never tried.
A demon can enter any being and can gain control over,here in India there are many witches who do it,by making some demons in control.
Where as commonly known to all control can be even with hypnotism.
Blessed be....

Re: Become Another Person?
Post # 3
While I won't and can't say such a thing does or doesn't exist I can say that your profile says you're a male and you want to be "Obviously a Beautiful Girl"

If such things were publically known then wouldn't everyone be escaping their mundane lives for let's say celebrities? Or people in a position of power and throwing the world into chaos? as the person above me said before, Astral projection seems your BEST shot but you can't run away from your problems because that will mean they'll linger over you forever. I suggest facing your issue head-on instead of trying to ruin someone elses life and force their will into doing acts they would NEVER do! other choices that may or may-not be advisable include accepting your body the way you are or a gender swap MEDICALLY (as in most things people wish for that are usually known to be fake or fictional could be done pesudo(ly) with science or medicine.

Re: Become Another Person?
Post # 4
Indeed exist some myths about witches which can posses someone but for me this is a fantasy.
And if is possible it's a very dangerous thing to posses something,it's not like astral travel.
Why I think (if is possible) is dangerous?
Because when we do astral projection our spirit still have a connection with our body,but if we posses someone is like we enter in him,leave our body empty.

Re: Become Another Person?
Post # 5
In my opinion , there are one body can touch things and journey on our world called Etheric body , but i dont think it can possess , but if it can and you do possession you cutted your silver line and you go to death

Re: Become Another Person?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Pure nonsense of course! Maturity, Common Sense, and Intelligence..please utilize these things in the craft. They are your most essential magical tools.

Re: Become Another Person?
Post # 7
I'm with Master. Gender confusion is becoming a big thing and it's best to handle it medically if you can. No spell would change you as you want, but they could be used a glamor spells. I'm not sure how it would work with gender issues though.

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