Using multip. love spells

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Using multip. love spells
Post # 1
I know the general consensus on using love spells is a resounding NO, but have some compassion please as I'm hurting, sad and need guidance.

Had a relationship that last 1-1.5 years. Because I tend to sabotage, I did numerous things to push him away. The last few months he was distant and detached. So I decided to break up if he could not give me what I needed. He acted completely aloof and indifferent whenI did break up and he told me he was "not in love with me". I casted a love spell ( on September 9th, full moon. I also paid someone to do a spell for me, and she had me do a ritual at home to give the spell extra strength. It's about 30 days, and nothing. Nada. Zip. No response from him AT ALL. This sucks. So, any tips or recommendations? I'm thinking of doing the love jar spell since the full moon is coming real soon. Thank you in advance.
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Re: Using multip. love spells
Post # 2
So first things first. I went to check the spell and I found this:
1: it seems like the description of the spell fits your position? "you may find yoursel unharmed OR in dire need"
"it is then the caster who becomes dangerously obsessed with the object of their spell"
also remember that spells require you entirely (IMO) the more strongly you belief in *your cause* the better your chances are it shall work. Making a spell yourself has better chances then the top(pest) rated spell online! since today is a day BEFORE the blood moon I would wisely spend it meditating on weather or not you actually love him or you don't want to move-on from him yet? if you still love him then I suggset you keep trying to contact him and apologize for the wrongings you've done him *you sad you sabotaged your relationship and broke it off with him but want him back?* you shouldn't expect the bad you or he has done to you to magically (no pun intended) disappear

blessed be! :D
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Re: Using multip. love spells
Post # 3
Thank you for your feedback. I must admit, I'm feeling pretty desperate. I feel like as time goes by, I'm losing him permanently. I know that a love spell created by you tends to be more powerful, but like I said, I'm desperate folks. PLEASE any feedback or guidance on how to create your own personal love spell would be appreciated. Better yet, if anyone knows of a legitimate, real (non-scamming) spell caster than they can refer me to (especially in the southern California area). Thank you!
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Re: Using multip. love spells
Post # 4
Using multiple love spells aren't a good idea. However take in with care when doing a love spell. It can bite you in the end.

However yes it does hurt, trust me I know. But try to think positive, and use human energy.

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Re: Using multip. love spells
Post # 5
Also including to pay for someone to do a spell is a big no no! Yes it may be a good option, but take unto consideration that spells never work the way you want it to. They work, with time, and energy. I suggest you also say sorry, you were the one that pushed him away. Take action and try. Try, and try again.
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