hello! i'm a newbie

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hello! i'm a newbie
Post # 1
Hello, i've been exploring this wonderful site for a while and decided to join SoM.
I've tried some dream spells before and it worked, and i thought if i join, i could go to covens and see some more amazing spells! (I've tried some other spells too that doesn't work...)

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Re: hello! i'm a newbie
Post # 2
Welcome to SoM. I have been here quite a while, I hope you have a great time learning, but remember, not all spells are real.
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Re: hello! i'm a newbie
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Welcome to Spells of Magic, well when you first start magick, you shouldn't start with spells. You should start with the Basics of magick, this will allow you to learn realistic and fake. The basics are also very informational on how to begin your magickal experiences. Here are a few of the basics; Meditation, Centering and Grounding, Tools, Moon Phases, ..etc.

Now covens on the otherhand, don't always show their spells to the public. See it's completely up to the spell creator of their spell is viewed by public or by only their coven. Now, I on the otherhand always allow my spells to be viewed.

Now, know that the basics are not a one day thing, you must be dedicated to this art, and must be able to continue to do them. They are practices that must be practice.

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Re: hello! i'm a newbie
Post # 4
Welcome to this site, however Zeus is right. Never start with spells first, you won't know how, and you won't have any experience. I suggest you join a smaller coven that suites your needs. Also I suggest you look at FAQs, and tips, and forums on here. Also ask someone like lark, personified, and Bryson to help! There extremely knowledgeable. I also suggest, if You have a religion Iike wicca, or paganism that you do that year and a day study.

It also will help if you ask chatters, and doing the year and away study will guide you. Even if you don't have a religion, I suggest you do it because it will teach gods, meditation, symbols, connection, rituals, and spells, and basics. Also read all the articles. Especially the new one's like you know the basic page. It's called featured articles.

Blessed be! :-)
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Re: hello! i'm a newbie
Post # 5
Thank you for the tips !
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