I'm new and shy

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I'm new and shy
Post # 1
Hey everyone,
It's obvious that I'm new to this forum.I used to just snoop around here looking for help that I hoped was already there.So I figured I might as well make an account.
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Re: I'm new and shy
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Welcome to Spells of Magic,

Today, I will be one of your hosts that have comminted on your forums, now, magick isn't simple like jumping up and down, it takes practice and commitment, now magick has a beginning, we call the beginning, the Basics, some of the basics are: Meditation, Centering and Grounding, Energy Munipulation, Tools, Moon Phases, Colors, and more.

You can find this information in a lot of books, you can also find some of this information in the Articles and Forums of this site. Just be careful, not everything you read will be true.

Now since you are new to Spells of Magic, I will give you a short navigation and guide;

Spells of Magic is ran by Patrarca and the Moderators, You can find them all inside the "Members" section under "Moderators". Now in this site it has rules in which all members, moderators, editors,.etc. must follow. These rules are the "Chatter Rules", you may view these rules in the Articles or you can go over the the "Live Chat" and click the link that say [INFO] in it and read the rules.

I also suggest you to read the "Newbie Central" it's a guide through most things on this site. Now I am going to answer two more common question "How to create a coven on this site," and "How to I take over and inactive coven?"

You can not create any new covens at this time, Petrarca (the admin) locked this feature because we have a lot of covens as it is, join a current one. In order to "apply" to take over an inactive coven, your account must be three months old, that is to "apply", Petrarca is the one that chooses the new Priest/ess of that coven, he searches through your guys history and sees your knowledge and sees if you are right for the position.
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Re: I'm new and shy
Post # 3
Thank you,
I really appreciatete tthe help
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