Love spell overlap?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Love spell overlap?

Love spell overlap?
Post # 1
awhile ago I cast an infatuation spell on a friend of mine that didn't take away their free will but rather helped them acknowledge any feelings they had for me and not just have them push it to the back of their mind and ignore it, I have noticed an increase of provocative actions mainly pinching private areas playfully but I cannot tell if it is still active or if I should take the cautious road and remove the spell before trying another one to increase the bond between us, can i have your opinions on this situation (hopefully besides the talk to them and don't use magick because that path is not a path I am wanting to go down yet)
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Re: Love spell overlap?
Post # 2
Hmm you could always try strengthening the original one O.o I don't see the harm in that since the will was already released, just a way of confirming your intent. Also, it sounds to me like it's working already bud :P which did you use? (very fascinated) You will have a lot of people trying to convince you "if it was meant to be it will" which, by all means true, however you're just doing something to ignite what may have already been there only dormant it sounds like.
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Re: Love spell overlap?
Post # 3
Well it was my very first spell that I bothered to remember because usually the intent isn't powerful enough

Concentrating on the person you feel strongly about you focus on how you feel and if you absolutely sure you aren't feeling just a "high-school crush" and you actually care about them then you chant "This spell I cast comes from my heart and soul, the feelings I have for *at least first name but it is stronger if you know (and can spell lol) their last name* are real, I wish that *person's name* would acknowledge whatever feelings they have for me. As I say so mote it be!

and then I usually end my spells with a binding

"This spell is done and cannot be un-done, by the powers of three times three so mote it be" and then I thank the universe/my god/doess for assisting me but this spell I found is very interesting as it calls for you to write their name in a either so it forms a circle or draw a circle around it and spray it with cologne/perfume and when you next see them when you are wearing the cologne/perfume their feelings should be increased (to a degree)
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