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Mudra Science Research
Post # 1
A mudra is a hand position that guides energy flow in a particular way. Our hands are a complicated map of our entire system and by utilizing hand positions we can affect many systems in the body, each representing different emotions. Each finger also relates to a planetary energy and the thumb represents individual persona or ego. The pressure should be consistent and firm but not hard enough to whiten flesh. It is also worth noting that a mudra is done with the fleshy part of the finger (not the fingernail) unless specified. Some of the most common mudras are Gyan Mudra (forefinger and thumb touch, for wisdom) (courtesy of spirit voyage)

I have been using kundalini yoga, pranayama and yogic meditations for some time now for my life in general from magick, romance, self esteem and health and worked perfectly fine. So i was shocked when i was told hand mudras have no use and what i taught was crazy and couldn't do what i said it did. I was offended, but not my faith kept going. Ignoring all that happened, what was truly offensive is that these people claimed it as a medical fact. This isnt personal but the medical community says othereise.

Scientific research supports Mudra usage generally, and is accepted as kinesiology. So what is kinesiology? the study of the mechanics of body movements. The Kathleen Ward Heath Clinic which uses kinesiology that "Hand Modes or Mudras are used to enhance the story that is unfolding through the muscle testing. Mudras are finger positions that represent information that helps the practitioner come to the proper treatment for the individual."

"In spite of the skeptics, there is some scientific evidence that supports the possibility that hand gestures can certainly stimulate the brain, even if there is little evidence supporting the idea that mudras can cure certain diseases. Recent scientific research reveals that hand gestures and language are processed by the same part of the brain and that the two are significantly related." (

Words, Gestures Are Translated By Same Brain Regions
November 10, 2009
NIH/National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
Researchers have shown that the brain regions that have long been recognized as a center in which spoken or written words are decoded are also important in interpreting wordless gestures. The findings suggest that these brain regions may play a much broader role in the interpretation of symbols than researchers have thought and, for this reason, could be the evolutionary starting point from which language originated

Finally, I was told yoga cant do what i said it did, but on what bases do they say that? Recent discovery supports yogic teachings. The University of Pennsylvania research team stated it could help alzheimers patients.

In conclusion, no matter if you are a newbie or Knowledgeable, you dont have jurisdiction in medical research unless you have a certificate of being so. Making such claims that yoga pranayama and meditation have no medical use is above you and am here to clarify this, and it could be considered breaking the law but i am not sure.

Sorry if i offend anyone, this isnt to cause a fight. Its meant to clarify whats been wrong
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Re: Mudra Science Research
Post # 2
I found this artcile very interesting, I am familiar with Mudra's from being a practicing Buddhist/Shamanist myself. Take a read of my bio and maybe we could swap notes?
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