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Sticky Situation
Post # 1
Ok so here's what it is (Yes, another love issue, commence epic eyeroll ;)) So. Before I say what couse of actions I plan to take I'll give you some info on the complicated (aren't they always?) situation I'm in.
My husband and I have been married about 3 years and all the sudden, by surprise, "He loves me but is not IN love with me" yep, that old cliche. There is this girl at work he's attracted to that he keeps talking to... claims as long as he's married to me he wont be unfaitful, So I believe him. Anywho that being said, He still wants to be friends with me, just doesn't feel "that way" about me. We still live together, no papers went anywhere or anything like that. He says he doesn't feel like he can have fun with me. That he would like to want to have fun with me, just doesn't.
*Course of action*
So, where do we go from here, right? Welp. that's where YOU come in ^_^ What I wanted to try is a combination of things.
1. Spell to make ME more attractive (in general. If I am, he'll see it cause well, lol he lives with me so yeah)
2. Spell to make ME a beacon of love, light and hope that people are drawn too and just associate fun with my name
3. Spell to make him more open to our marriage working, or at least willing to try.
4. The other chick. Ok so I'm really hoping that using spells to make me the best me there is also means she'll be out of the picture "just because" however, some people are just stubborn lol need a back-up plan, just in case

*I would really appreciate some spell suggestions
*I love Hoodoo, but am not restricting myself here, I'm more of an eclectic.
*If you're just going to tell me to get over it or something, save your keystrokes ;)

Thanks in advance my lovies
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Re: Sticky Situation
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Do you have the materials to make a crystal grid? I'll send you a link for one that uses a central quartz point, pink agates (and rose quartz should be sufficient too), and amethyst.

I'd say that would work on your psychic persona and take care of 1 and 2.

On him, though? Hrmm, I actually don't have any ethical qualms about magic and free will, because I consider that magic is will so it's more like subconscious communication on a plane in which everyone is actually equal (reserve your right to your own opinion) it's just that my concept of free will is as something so conditional that tweaking it with magic is tricky .

So, that's why I'd go mundane with 3 and use actual words. Like, "Reserve your right to your own opinion, since you want to be friends I'll be a friend and be honest with you: I'm not cool with this. It's great that you won't be unfaithful as long as we're married, but I kind of have a low opinion of your seeking fun and only having a root in your feelings. It won't serve you well in your future relationships which require a deeper commitment. Thanks for cluing me in on what you're really like, though!" He'll make his own decisions, but without being oppressive about it, you've introduced the idea that this isn't actually okay.

4. This could backfire hard, but the intent is just for her to find her path and purpose in life. As I said, it could backfire if she and your husband are really meant to be, if the three of you have your fate lines tied in like so, but most likely she's got a more urgent purpose to realize and will get too busy to have any room for someone else in her life. It's basically a prayer, said with all the best intent.

I hope this helps!
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Re: Sticky Situation
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Well, I am sorry to say, but there is no real spell that will make you attractive, trust me, if there was, I'd be all over it. Anyways, if that is the problem, then there is no reason to even be together, if he doesn't feel like the marriage is what he wanted, then devorse him, sorry to say.

Oh, I know how these situation can be difficult, and very delicate, but you must also give him credit for being open and honest with you. So that is really good, but also know that spells to make you a beacon of love, is taken away someone's free will.

But, I can say, you can always try an open minding spell or cleansing the mind spell, but I think you shouldn't push it to much. Spells can only do so much, they can't make him change his mind, or make him love you.

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Re: Sticky Situation
Post # 4
Thank you it does! and No, I have no quorums about magic and free will either. Heck, it doesn't take magic to do good OR harm in another's life, like anything else. I feel the same way, if magic gives us an advantage then so be it, couldn't we use all the help we can get? xD thank you for understanding, I'm checking out your suggestion for 1 & 2. As for 3 & 4, he already knows in great depths -in many tones and pitches- how I feel about that situation LOL if I were any more clear it would have been tattooed to his forehead in his sleep xD
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Re: Sticky Situation
Post # 5
eh ok I really could have done a better job explaining my views there, that sounded real bad. What I mean is, In every day life we seek counsel or aid of some sort when things go wrong. Magic to me is just a more concentrated form of help that will work better, because like you said, It speaks on a different level of the mind. Now that being said, as far as free will goes, When we take someone to counseling (which is proven to make things worse in a lot of cases) aren't we trying to change a way a person thinks or the way they view things? How is that any different? Most of the time it's court ordered counseling so in a sense, the judge took away someones free will in that case. right? either way. The way life works is the same with the magical worlds they're one and the same. You're in a sense putting the best counselor available to work. Now, as far as hurting someone else goes, I wouldn't do that simply because as bad as I want to five people in the forehead in the physical world I wouldn't actually run up and do it (most days), So why would I be moral in the physical world and not within the realm of magic? Not that I fear some kind of karmic retribution, but I do believe that every action has a reaction. I hope this was a better explanation and sorry for sounding the way I did in the last post
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Re: Sticky Situation
Post # 6
It's extremely unfortunate this happened, however this happened so move forward. It happened for a reason, and many things happen for the better.

Also is it a whose choice to oppose someone's free will? Is it kind to just say a spell to make someone fall in love with you? If so, why? Ask yourself this. Also ask yourself before you do a spell on love. Why am I doing this? What will I gain or accomplish? And will it harm or heal? These three question's can help a lot, and accomplish tons.

Anyhoo, if you do it, it will mess someone's free will up. Maybe it's meantto be.
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Re: Sticky Situation
Post # 7
Some things you can do that are rather "mundane" are to doll yourself up occasionally before going out, spend time with friends, be more confident, pay attention to the things your husband says, suggest you guys do thing like go to the park or on a roller coaster or to a really cool movie. You could ask him why he doesn't love you like that anymore and why he's still with you if he doesn't feel that way. Things like that.
Now, magically, I'm sure there's spells to ward off people who have their eye on your man. Also, confidence spells would be good, too. I can't help much magically on this or direct you to something specific but there's my advice. Also, confidence is a great thing.
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