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Magic Energy Advice
Post # 1
I'm a healer mage and I get exhausted after I try to spells and somehow sugar seems to help. Now I cont seem to find anything anywhere on any website about magic energy. Nobody even mentions it. I would normally ask my friend Amythest about this and not people on the internet. I already did and Amythest was no help. She said this is normal for healer mages and walked away. That is not what I asked. So could someone help me please?
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Re: Magic Energy Advice
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It would help if you stated the question clearly.
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Re: Magic Energy Advice
Post # 3
That is because Magic energy is something that comes from inside you :) Do strengthening exorcises to build up your energy and focus! for example:
*While meditating*
Focus on a a bright light between your hands and becoming bigger, brighter, more powerful and in this light is power and energy and all things good. Breathe in deeply and with a calm rhythm. Imagine yourself consuming this light in your breaths and it filling you, making you healthier and stronger in every way. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ONLY CONSUMING POSITIVE ENERGY! I can't stress this enough! Another thing I do is, as I'm breathing in the light, i'm breathing out all the negative in a dark mist, The light transforms the dark back into light, you see? you're not releasing negativity into the world that're taking your negativity and transforming it into positive. If this makes sense (I hope so at least xD)
This is an exorcise and takes practice and will strengthen, like all things with time. Don't give up ^_^
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Re: Magic Energy Advice
Post # 4
SgtBunny I find nothing wrong with absorbing the negative (dark) energy. See the way I do it is to picture an all consuming light in recessive hand and a radiating darkness in my dominate hand,while I picture this I split my energy into its light and dark halfs. And then bringing my hands and the energy together, like I'm forming a qi ball, thus in the process of fusing I also purify my dark energy with my light and vice-versa. The end result is pure energy. After that is done I breath out picturing smoke and as the smoke dissipates I breath in the pure energy.
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Re: Magic Energy Advice
Post # 5
Ground wring and centering or meditating could help with your energy problem. Also, sugar gives you quick, short bursts of energy, so it makes sense that it would help as a quick fix. But eating something healthier and heartier is probably better. I suggest you find what works best for you.
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Re: Magic Energy Advice
Post # 6
Before any magickal working I will invoke external energy in order to do so. I would never leave myself feeling too drained.

I personally use the middle pillar ritual for this purpose, others will visualise a white light entering the crown chakra and moving down and up.

I am sure there are many others.
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