Three fold Reality?

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Three fold Reality?
Post # 1

So what do you think about this.. however I don't believe in three fold but law of karma.

The popular misconception that there is a
Wiccan Rule or Law of Three or Threefold
Return comes from a misinterpretation of a
passage in a work of fiction written by Gerald
Gardner, the grandfather of modern Wicca.
The book was called High Magic?s Aid, and he
wrote it with the permission of his High
Priestess. It had to be fiction because at that
point, witchcraft was still illegal in Britain. In
that book and its fictional story, the
protagonist undergoes a sort of initiation rite
in which he is taught ?mark well when thou
receivest good, so equally art bound to return
good threefold.?
This means that when someone does good by
a witch, according to the witchcraft teaching
in this *very* fictional novel, the witch
is bound to return that good threefold. This
is a far cry from ?anything at all that you
send out into the world will return to you
threefold.? It actually means that what you
do to a witch should be returned by her
threefold, and specifically good acts. Which
means it?s really, really good for you to bless,
help or aid a witch. The idea is that the
witch returns things triple, not the universe.
The witch is herself the agent of a threefold
response, not the universe . So if I, as a
witch, do good work for a friend who is not a
witch, there is no threefold return in that,
because the non-Wiccan person was never
taught to return good acts threefold. If I, as
a witch, do a good work for my non-witch
neighbor, there is no threefold return in that.
But if I, as a witch, do a good work for my
coven mate or my witch friend, then that
friend or coven mate should return that good
work threefold. if I, as a witch, do some nasty
shit to my asshole neighbor, said neighbor
will not return it to me, and even if she were
a witch, she would only return it to me
threefold if she somehow found out that
something had been done to her, and who
did it, which means that I did it poorly, and
deserve the retribution.
You can find a copy of High Magic?s Aid,
which is fiction meant to teach a few very
broad witchcraft principles in a fictional way,
The part we are quoting is found on page
188. We recommend anyone who is familiar
with the term Rule of Three to give it a read
and think about what it really says and what
it does not say. Keep in mind that this is a
work of fiction which Gerald Gardner wrote
to share some very generalized principles of
the witchcraft he was taught at a time when
witchcraft was still illegal in Britain (1949).
The insanely high number of uneducated
voices on the internet that cry out ?The Rule
of Three!? whenever anyone even mentions
negative magick tends to obscure the actual
source into oblivion in favor of some fake,
fluffy version of this principle which has been
applied across the board to all magical
undertakings in a rather ignorant and
totalitarian manner. So the next time
someone yells that phony baloney shit at you,
politely inform them to eat a bag of scholarly
dicks and drop them the link to this blog.
Blessed Be,
A Gardnerian
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Re: Three fold Reality?
Post # 2
Really interesting post, learn something new each day.
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Re: Three fold Reality?
Post # 3
Wow :O I'm really very new to this all and I'm so glad to have come across this post. From what i've read so far, It's not necessarily three fold that comes back on you, but the deity (if any) you call on to do your bidding. Again, this is where the problem lies with me: If you are using a generalized magic, where you're not calling out to any in specific, who/what precisely are you calling to? I would love it if someone could tell me that one, I really am fascinated and want to learn as much as I can :) sorry to go so way off topic, but I like your post and kinda felt like it was a related question xD
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Re: Three fold Reality?
Post # 4

the way i see it magic is happening as result of your relationship/ communication with the universe, and a deity being a manifestation/ personifcation of an aspect of the unvierse.

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Re: Three fold Reality?
Post # 5
Extremely interesting, just shows how many things can still be interpreted wrong.
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