I'm new need help! Thanks

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Forums -> General Info -> I'm new need help! Thanks

I'm new need help! Thanks
Post # 1
Hi guys, I found this site so helpful and I am trying to cast a new spell.
I hope someone can give me a good advice on casting a successful spell. I'm new at this. I read in so many places that people are doing good love spells to save their relationship. I'm here to do the same.
My partner who is in love with me, is insecure/ jealous of my past that I've been with 3 other guys before. He loves me but he keeps thinking about this and says he needs a girl with no string of guys to have a long term relationship with. He's been trying to forget about it but it keeps recurring, we have great chemistry otherwise and he's the one I want to marry. Please please advice on the best spell I could use to overcome this issue. Thank you all so much.
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Re: I'm new need help! Thanks
Post # 2
I suggest you look at the tips, and ask around on the chatter. I personally would suggest you also check the corrospondes and quickly check what day your spell can be done on, it may help. All remember to believe in yourself and also have fun.
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Re: I'm new need help! Thanks
Post # 3
I suggest you look somewhere else because this isn't a site for relationship advice . i understand there's love spells and other spells for things to do with love but frankly you'd be better off seeing a professional instead of using spells I'm not trying to put you down I'm just saying seek advice somewhere else because this is a magick site not a lets complain about our relationship or adk for advice on our relationship site
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Re: I'm new need help! Thanks
Post # 4
wow! really Cat? I'm new here myself and if someone replied to me that way if I came for help I would be put off. You should learn to be sympathetic to the plight of others...

*On to the topic*
Intolove, I myself am extremely new to this. However, make sure that this is something you spend a lot of time focusing on. It has to be in your will "He will sweeten his demeanor, He will forget my past" think it, believe it as if it were already true. From what i've learned so far, the key and most important ingredient in a spell is your will (not saying the other parts don't matter, just that they are useless if you don't believe xD) I really hope this helps you and sorry for your heart ache
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Re: I'm new need help! Thanks
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I've seen this question/problem asked already. Going to keep asking until you get what you want to hear for an answer? I replied to it. Why you asking again?
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