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another Newbie
Post # 1
Hello I'm new here and just new in general :) I'm Christian yet my entire life I've felt a connection to nature, magic and the spiritual world. I've been confused about what this all means for the longest time. I have been told that I'm a "natural witch" (if there is such a thing) before by a few different people (scary enough, one time by a person i didn't even know lol) So I guess I'm here for answers and to see if maybe there's something in me that needs nurturing that i've ignored. Who knows?! welp. Looking forward to chatting with you all :D!
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Re: another Newbie
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Welcome to Spells of Magic, here you will find a variety of topics, not all true, but not all false.

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Re: another Newbie
Post # 3
Hi, I'm new too and like you I've also been more into nature. My grandma was a witch and she passes her wisdome to her first born (my dad) but he declined and since I'm an only child I think she passed it on to me. Though I'm not practicing and have no idea what to do and how to start. Hahaha! Some also says that I'm a natural cause everytime I say something or wish for something, it comes true especially if I concentrate hard. I hope that members here can guide us through the right path... :) welcome to us!
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Re: another Newbie
Post # 4
Thank you Zeus! I feel at home already honestly :D and Welcome to you too Kaye! I'm hoping to learn here too, My story is somewhat similar lol xD My Great Grandma (who I had the pleasure of knowing) was a magical woman. I remember her and I tending her herb garden together, her teaching me about wishing on apples and keeping an aloe plant in the house for cuts and burns but sadly, not much else as she crossed the bridge when I was still very very young. My Mother has gifts, but doesn't really act on them. She says "It's just in your blood" if I ask why something is the way it is lol. Hopefully we'll meet someone who's been in our place and take us under their wing ^_^
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