Psychic Children

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Psychic Children
Post # 1
In my experiences and reading the experiences of the other I have come to one conclusion. Children are the ones who see spirits but can't exactly feel them and their psychic talents have yet to be developed. So that leaves me to questions, are children who see spirits psychic? Can psychic children see spirits? The answer to those questions I think are still a mystery. When my grandmother, I was age 8 or so and I saw her in my room. After that I saw spirits regularly. When I hit puberty, I saw some, and felt some, and started to be able to read and "know people" iv'e never met. From there, i'm 17 now, I can no longer see them, but I can feel them, and my feelings of people are stronger.

I have also learned that when extreme emotions or emotional exhaustion hits me, my psychic sense seem to be more sensitive like when adrenal starts pumping and you become more sensitive. Has anyone else noticed this pattern as well? To conclude I have a sister who has also seen someone close to her in the after life. The difference is when she hit puberty, she can no longer see or feel anything. When it comes to nature vs. nurture, we were raised the same as we are similar in age. Could it be in our genes? or the way our brain developed? Well who's to say? Anybody notice this pattern as well?
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Re: Psychic Children
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I think that we're all psychic, but how it comes out can be different for everyone.

Some children are psychic and it gets more difficult for them upon reaching puberty.

Some children aren't psychic until they reach puberty.

Some people aren't psychic until they have a near death experience (like my sister's friend's boyfriend).

Some people aren't psychic until some veil between the world tears and they're swamped by a wave of paranormal phenomena...and they stop being psychic once that veil is drawn once more.

Some people aren't psychic until they deliberately practice at developing it, in which case a peaceful space and a genetic predisposition to meditation can help, but it's mostly the practice of it.
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Re: Psychic Children
Post # 3
Since nobody uses the full capacity usage of their brain, there's no telling what we are capable of. Though most agree that everyone has psychic abilities---it's just whether or not you can access those parts of your brain. Children and animals tend to see spirits more often. Prepubescents' brains actually have difficulty telling reality from fantasy, while most pubescent and post pubescent people tend to subconsciously sort most things they perceive in some way from other planes as fantasy and so have a more difficult time perceiving them properly, especially if they don't believe in other planes beyond the physical one.
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Re: Psychic Children
Post # 4
Well when I was little I had feelings of I've been here before that made me faint and when I hit puberty I got control over it I started to see spirits or whatever you wanna call it in the corner of my eyes now I see them shift from room to room and follow me so I see your pattern but I feel it's missing something.
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Re: Psychic Children
Post # 5
Some people can see angels, Demond's, ghosts
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Re: Psychic Children
Post # 6
I do not recall all of my childhood I will not go into detail on that however what I do recall indicates that children are sometimes trained to not think in that way, through mundane thinking in public schools and so fourth. I have noticed in children both related to me and not related to me that they can and do have strong uninhibited psychic abilities the younger they are. And learn or are distracted from later through physical language to not think psychically. I believe now that these abilities actually come back strongly after the distractions of learning to control the physical body have become secondary and habitual. I do believe we all have psychic abilities yet with aspects being more apt to progression through the training of psychism, our usage of it, and our hereditary natures.
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