Can I do both spells?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Can I do both spells?

Can I do both spells?
Post # 1
So my psychic suggested that I do certain things to attract love into my life. She suggested a few actions I do to change my energy and bring love into my life soon. The actions were: write 100 things in a journal about what you want in a boyfriend and in a guy, thank the universe and move on, cord cutting with archangel Michael, visualizing having a relationship.

So I'm in the process of those but I wanted to add a spell and I was thinking about using this one:

My psychic also mentioned I need to feel whole so I won't have this need for a boyfriend. I want to have friends so I can I guess "distract" myself from needing a boyfriend (also I'm pretty lonely and wish for someone to hang out with) so I was thinking about doing this spell:

My problem is: If I decide to do both spells, since they involve wearing jewelry, will the two jewelry at the same time (ring for love and pendant for friendship) ruin the spells? I want to attract friendship and love. I know love can start with friendships and I'm okay with it, however, I just hope I don't ruin them.
Or should I try to change a different spell for love or friendship?
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Re: Can I do both spells?
Post # 2
Here are some of my opinions on the matter: Sometimes the more you believe you need someone else in order to be complete, the more you need to be complete before you can have a healthy relationship with someone else -- friendship, lover, or otherwise.

That said, I don't see why both would interfere with each other. And yes, you can hope to attract both friends and love at the same time, and while working on yourself. Friendship is very important with a romantic relationship, and having true friends is never a bad thing!

Just remember to separate your friends and love(s) from what and who you are as a whole person.
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Re: Can I do both spells?
Post # 3
NoBodyAtall does have a point.

But, it doesn't hurt to mention that love tends to come in many suits. To bring love into your life, you must first love yourself and who you are. If you don't love yourself, it can be difficult for others to love you. Friends do help, but sometimes attracting them isn't the same as making them on your own. Try meeting new people, getting involved in groups and just doing things that make you happy. Happiness is key to most things in life.

Also, the spells you're thinking of doing and probably already have done shouldn't counter react to each other unless during both spells, you were focusing on the wrong thing (such as for the friendship spell, you were thinking of romantic love). You must keep your energies focused or they'll become skewed and tied to the wrong things. I wish you luck on your endeavors.

Blessed Be
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Re: New to spell casting
Post # 4
Hi guys, I found this site so helpful and I am trying to cast a new spell.
I hope someone can give me a good advice on casting a successful spell. I'm new at this. I read in so many places that people are doing good love spells to save their relationship. I'm here to do the same.
My partner who is in love with me, is insecure/ jealous of my past that I've been with 3 other guys before. He loves me but he keeps thinking about this and says he needs a girl with no string of guys to have a long term relationship with. He's been trying to forget about it but it keeps recurring, we have great chemistry otherwise and he's the one I want to marry. Please please advice on the best spell I could use to overcome this issue. Thank you all so much.
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Re: Can I do both spells?
Post # 5
Thank you so much to everyone replying on this post. I did the friendship spell and I did focus a lot of my energy into the pendant. I started noticing some changes but I still haven't really found a "friend" yet. I think I messed up a bit of the instructions for the spell so I might do it again.

I'm planning to do the love energy spell pretty soon.

I agree with you guys, I definitely need to find love and happiness in myself before I meet others. However, when you're constantly alone and bored with life, its hard to do that. I think I need to probably do some soul searching or figure out the emptiness I'm feeling before I start inviting others to my life.

Thanks so much for advice again!
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