Rid unwated person..

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Rid unwated person..

Rid unwated person..
Post # 1
So a while back I did a bashing spell on my sisters husband to stay away. I own a building and my sister rents/lives below me with her 3 kids. Her husband is a complete drunk and just plain useless. He even tries hitting on me and he makes me so uncomfortable. She kicked him out around the time I did the spell and he's been gone for some time now. However lately he's been trying to worm his way back in to her life and is even talking about moving in with her again. Now just to be clear my sister DOES NOT want him back. It was a very hard challenge for her to get him out and she wants to keep him out (she wants a divorce). I now have a 2yr old daughter and I don't want him anywhere near that property. I need a VERY POWERFUL spell to keep him away for permanently!!! can someone please help me
Thank you
(sorry for long post)
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Re: Rid unwated person..
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It's not the spell by itself that does the work, but the caster.

That said: Nidstang. It's a traditional Norse spell that some people have re-written to keep racists out of the Heathen community, but traditionally it was to force a specific person off of a territory.

Good luck!
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Re: Rid unwated person..
Post # 3
To be frank, your situation sounds like a difficult one that perhaps magic cannot solve completely. If I were in your situation, I would be sure to cleanse the area of negativity and protect against unwanted guests. But, considering it's a physical person, I would get a large bottle, can be glass or plastic or even just a cheap dollar store container, fill it with sea salt and sage and place it on the inside by the door. It should absorb bad energy, but protect at the same time. Make two if you feel more comfortable doing that.

But, due to the fact he is a person, it would most likely be best to involve some kind of restraining order or the court system because no amount of protection and warding can physically throw a person out of an area. Perhaps make them feel uneasy and unwanted, but not physically block them from the area. If you fear for your safety or your sisters or even both, call the police and make sure the problem gets resolved.
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Re: Rid unwated person..
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Maybe a vinegar jar or something. [I'll poke around in my spell books later] but magick, specifically banishment, might not be the best choice at this moment. Protection for your family and property can work to keep him away. It won't stop him, but he should feel uncomfortable and try to meet elsewhere. However, I think legal action should be done. You could get a restraining order, or your sister can pursue legal rights that he can only see his children under certain conditions. At the most extreme move, but since there are kids, I would get a mediator and set up something, like he can't come to your house, but he can see his kids at his house providing a few things [like a job and being sober]
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