I want protection

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> I want protection

I want protection
Post # 1


I want a protection, but I want it to be like this:

*It blocks everyone from controlling or possessing me

*It blocks spells and prayers to be cast on me

*It allows me to still contact all spirits including the Goetic ones, and this protection doesn't anger any spirit. Sitri is my helper and probably my spirit guide as well? But even if I have a protection I still wish to have him as my helper in the future too...

What kind of protection should I cast?

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Re: I want protection
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well, I think of protection as a helmet or a gate. It's either there or it isn't, and the protection spell either works or it doesn't.

What I think you might be looking for would be building a natural sort of ethereal immune system. Mere influence becomes outright control/possession when your ethereal body isn't fully integrated with itself.

For spells and prayers, there are skills...that are technically protection spells, but it's more like your aura is naturally strong enough to warp them into something else or bounce them away.

Because you're not casting a blockage, then, you'll still be able to contact your favorite incorporeal people. This is even a necessary skill to maintain so that you know if/when you've been hit by an unsolicited prayer and can decide to shake it off.

While traditionally, you're not supposed to do this yourself, the way I found to do this was via spirit journeys to recover parts of your spirit that might have shattered or splintered off from you during traumatic or compromising events in your life.
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Re: I want protection
Post # 3

Ok. So my aura is already preventing possession, controlling, spells, and prayers? If that's so, then that could be the reason why am I still not possessed even though I've been contacting Sitri and some other Goetic fellows, and also Lucifer and Satan. And I just believe that I cannot be possessed for fun or without my real intentional permission...

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Re: I want protection
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Part of it is your aura, and the fuel of your aura is your willpower. There are more subtle ways to give your power away, and leave you vulnerable for possession, but if you don't believe that it can happen then I'd consider that a big positive sign that it won't.
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Re: I want protection
Post # 5

Ok. Actually, just in case, I want to cast the protection with these specific things what I mentioned in the first post... Because for some reason, the prayers still keep affecting me and I don't want them to affect... But I keep on rejecting the prayers, but I don't want to be even encouraged either with the prayers...

Is shielding a great option? And can a shield be made with visualization and energy and intent together?

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Re: I want protection
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Ah. In that case, I would say that shielding is a stop-gap measure. It's not great, but if it works for you then it's good enough.

Yes, a shield can be made with energy and intent together.

While psions tend to favor the simple Bubble Shield, there is a ritual that might be right up your alley, called The Star Ruby. It's basically The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram with the Judeo-Christian names replaced by Kemetic/Thelemic ones. You can YouTube it if this doesn't lay it out clearly enough:

The Cleansing Rite of the Ankh is another good one:

(I don't know why Kemeticists are so good at writing these spells. I haven't even gotten into Kemeticism and just replacing the names and words with my own elements work really well for me.)

The thing is, I don't really know what your situation or inner world is like. Usually, I would recommend examining what messages you have internalized from your upbringing and environment, that is harmonizing with the prayers. Process that, and you'll become the sort of person that prayer energy gets directed towards and then goes NOPE NEVER MIND because your energy body and aura are naturally so incompatible with it with or without a shield. If you're in an oppressive environment, however, (and it sounds like you are in one) then it can be difficult to do that self-examination without making it worse and losing your balance, in which case, yes, shield up--make your safe space to find yourself--just do what you have to do, and your instincts are your best guide for what exactly that would be, definitely a better guide than I can be.

I hope this helps, anyway!
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