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Fasting Advice
Post # 1

Hello, I came across a slight problem. I am an alchemist and part of my practices involve fasting. I used to do this before when I first started and now it has left me. I want to go back into the habit of fasting and plan to perform a 2 week fast as a start, but I still live with my parents and one of the big things is family dinners. I can easily fast breakfast and lunch, but dinners, especially when my mother is home, is almost impossible. I want to tell them that I want to fast, but it gets more complicated.

My mother is a Wiccan, but she doesn't know that I'm an alchemist, and she might shoot it down. She's also not the type to let family dinners pass off easily.

My father absolutely hates anything he doesn't understand or agrees with, Wiccan and alchemy being a couple. When I openly told him that I wanted to pursue alchemy, the police had to be called.

Telling these two that I want to fast, which they will only hear as "I want to starve myself for 2 weeks and maybe lose weight", will not be the best idea. (Yes, I know fasting is not for weight loss. I actually don't care about weight loss in any way.) Is there anyway that I can get them to allow me to fast, or tell them my plans to fast without causing a major family argument? If not, how can I fast without them knowing?

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Re: Fasting Advice
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Fasting for two weeks is not a good idea! Going without solid food for one day is thought to be sometimes good for the body; gives the body a "rest" sort of thing.But even with a one day fast, the body still needs water. (And salt!)
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Re: Fasting Advice
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Two weeks isn't wise, especially to start. Most people I know eho either decide to fast or had to for medical reasons went 3 days at most. You also can't wake up one morning and go 'well, no food for a fortnight.' You could do serious damage. Like working out you need to gradually move the weight up to achieve your goal. I would explain to your parents you wish to fast for religious reasons, and explain why it is important to do in alchemy. However, I would start with one day, then a few weeks later 3, then a few months later a week, and a few months after that two.

I can't recall the steps, but I have looked into fasting just to see if I can, it takes almost a months to correctly fast for 3 days. My mom has had to fast for medical reasons in the past, where she could only have clear liquids, and she jumped right into it. You need to gradually reduce portion size and cut down on solid food so it isn't such a shock to your system. Once you've done the fast, you gradually incorporate solid food. One day I don't think you need to worry, but any more you should look into what you should eat to ease your body into fasting.

Might be a huge temptation, but I would at least sit with your family at dinner, have some chicken consomme [clear broth] with them at dinner to show you aren't avoiding all food/beverages. If your parents after a week tell you to stop, you will have to listen to them. Again, slowly go back to solid food. Your parents are responsible for you so if you get hurt they will have to answer. Granted if you are a legal adult, I don't think they can stop you, but they could also kick you out of their house. Best to talk it over before diving into something.
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Re: Fasting Advice
By: / Novice
Post # 4
It's a harsh reality, but you're really only going to be able to fully and comfortably pursue your spiritual path when you're a legal and de facto adult, living on your own, making your own meals and such.
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Re: Fasting Advice
Post # 5
When beginning a practice of fasting, it is wise to begin very small- one day. Then build it up to two (having a break for a week in between each fast).

Slowly build up to a week, but only do this every few months. You have to be very in tune with your body and mind and know your limits. Fasting can cause health problems if your body simply does not have the strength to do it.

Exerting yourself too much is never a good idea.

And you must keep hydrated.

I will say you are 18 ( I think, I may have done my maths wrong!), you will still be growing somewhat. Men can still have changing bodies until the age of 21, and we must continue to eat healthily until that time in my opinion. You need the nutrients.

Fasting for one day is not going to do you too much harm and you will feel the effects- you can just tell people you are ill.

However, if your body is growing and requires the nutrients, it is a bad idea.
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Re: Fasting Advice
Post # 6

I wouldn't think two weeks would be a good idea. Maybe if you only ate after sundown like Ramadon, that might be okay.

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Re: Fasting Advice
Post # 7
Two weeks is not a good idea to start off with. Going without food for around 24 hours can give you the shakes. I agree with others that you should ease yourself into fasting and be careful. As far as talking to your parents... If your mother is Wiccan, I don't think she would mind you being an alchemist (also, from my knowledge--and keep in kind I haven't done much research on this--alchemy was the first form of chemistry, so I don't think your father should mind, but if he isn't very open minded to begin with, please try NOT to argue with him on things, believe me it can be very easy). Since your mother is Wiccan, she's going to want to adhere to her interpretation of the Wiccan law "Harm None". That may include trying to talk you out of fasting. Not only is she your mother and she loves you (I'm absolutely positive about that), but she may feel like she is, in some way, harming you if she allows you to fast (especially for two weeks). I suggest you calmly talk to your mother first, explaining that your an alchemist and that you would like to fast for a short period of time and maybe suggesting that, even though you won't be eating much, you'll still at least sit at the table with your family around dinner time. Then talk to your father, but have your mother there to help calm you two if there's any arguments staring or anything, and calmly explain all the same things you did to your mother. Also, and this is highly important, please note that it is far more difficult to stay hydrated when not eating for any length more than a few hours. While fasting, you will need to drink lots of water, and I do mean lots, and I also suggest maybe some drinks high in sodium, like having a soda once a day or every other day, or mixing salt into some of your water. Others who have posted on here have made a very good point in that you need sodium still.
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