Need help desperately.

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Need help desperately.
Post # 1
Hey all... I am new to spell casting. Started a year ago. I have always done magic to bring in more positivity and only for my friends and hubby.... But now I am having negative thoughts for a person whom I dont even know.... He is working with my husband and taking credit for my husbands work, harassing him, and making his life miserable. My husband is now suffering from anxiety, chest pains, depression and has stopped smiling. He cannot leave the job as we r new to this country and also because of the contract. I have tried to do a spell for mr x to get a new job 3 times.... But has not helped. Please help me to help my husband. I cannot c him like this anymore.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Need help desperately.
Post # 2
But a binding spell on the person, call the police for a restraining order, think only positively for your husband, those are a few things you can try. I don't know much else that could help with that, though. Sorry. I hope this works for you.
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Re: Need help desperately.
Post # 3
Hi, it sounds like you're a positive person. Put a protection spell around your husband. Not just from the other guy but from any negativity sent his way. Or perhaps a promotion or a new and better job for your husband within his current company. Either of these would suit your positive nature.
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Re: Need help desperately.
Post # 4
Hello, I had an experience such as this, I have a spell or two if interested:
Stare into a white candle until all u see is the light
close your eyes and visualize a white sphere around your husband the problem person at work outside of it unable to touch him.

I bind your hands,
I bind your mouth,
No Harm shall you do physically,
No Harm with your mouth,
You are now around me
Quiet as a mouse.
The spell is spoken so it is bond.
stay away from me don't come around.
So mote it be, the magick is done!!

I hope it help. You may have to personalize it but it should be good as is. :-)
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Re: Need help desperately.
Post # 5
Thank you so much.
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