what do you belive in why

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what do you belive in why
Post # 1
its a common ? that we all get asked. but why do you fllow that path? its hard for some not to belive in something I'm wiccan among other things it is what it is for us all and I'm not bagging nobody just asking?
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Re: what do you belive in why
Post # 2
Agnostic. I find certain things interesting , that are worth looking into.
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Re: what do you belive in
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I believe in compassion, power, and the pursuit of truth.

Why compassion? Well, usually if somebody has to ask that question, even as an intellectual amusement, I slowly back away from them and then I run away because lack of compassion causes suffering and I am generally averse to suffering in a way that I hope I don't have to explain. (But if I must, I guess that I can...I'm just attached to ideals that I've cultivated or been conditioned to cultivate. I just never saw the need to break that down.)

I believe in power, also because I've suffered from it, and it's the best word I think for what I have grown to have--that I hope doesn't cause others the same suffering.

I believe in the pursuit of truth, because some truths are not self-evident, or the way that we consider our own experiences can be illusionary. Being able to examine those illusions often brings a deeper appreciation for a fact of life.

I believe in justice, honor, and duty. I believe in justice as a union of all three. I believe that justice and mercy are a false dichotomy, and that a true understanding of ourselves, the world, our place in the world, the way things are and the way should be...would beget a combination of mercy and justice.

I believe that some concepts can't just remain abstract, and that we live them out and make them into metaphors.

That last bit is why I'm into Faelatry. I believe in fairy stories, not so much like taking Perrault's morality tales literally, but appreciating what those stories say about the human condition. I admit that I take Yeats' and some of Kneightley and Wentz' compiled fairy stories quite literally, because some of those make sense to me as something that could have really happened to someone, because I've experienced some similar things.

We all have our paths.
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Re: what do you belive in
Post # 4
I hadn't believed in anything in particular until I encountered a deity in the spirit plane first-hand, who, over many such contacts, has taught me very much. The deity has proven its trustworthiness and far-superior wisdom to me, so I do not doubt its teachings.
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Re: what do you belive in why
Post # 5
I believe in my own power i do as i wish what happens happens i just enjoy life even if i have to step on people to get what i want if something bad happens to me for that so be it have no regrets
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Re: what do you belive in why
Post # 6
I believe in Norse and Greek religions. I also believe in demons and angles.
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