Left Side doesnt exist?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Left Side doesnt exist?

Left Side doesnt exist?
Post # 1
I've been having a problem with the left side of my body i use advanced energy manipulation or some call it direct magick but a lot of times i use my own energy or draw energy with my body and in terms of anything to do with the left side of my body my. In terms of energy or feeling or channeling magick energy with it it feels like the left side of my body doesnt exist i cant even channel psi with my left hand now it kinda started after i started doing meditation more any ideas what it could be or how to fix it
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Re: Left Side doesnt exis
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Maybe it's a matter of pacing yourself, and if you take a break then the "missing" parts will grow back. It could be an odd manifestation of a partial projection. It could be that it's not missing but bonded to the body in a sort of psychic shutdown, which I'm only guessing because that sometimes happens to the whole of me where I just can't channel psi for a while.
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Re: Left Side doesnt exist?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

You mentioned that you have been meditating more often?

It sounds to me like you are meditating, but not cycling the energy through you properly, and creating blockages. Since your right hand is most likely dominant, it may be that you are only focusing on channeling energy to that side, and neglecting the other.

My suggestion to you is to meditate, and cycle your energy. Work it up from your fingertipertipes(but in this case channeling from your stomach or toes might work best) throughout the rest of yoru body, and do not channel one side further than the other.

Sorry if my explanation is very disjointed, I'm typing from a mobile device. I suggest that you find a more indepth article on meditation techniques if my directions are difficult to follow.

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Re: Left Side doesnt exist?
Post # 4
Thank you and yea it may be cuz i more channel with my right hand when i want to get it done faster if i were to discribe it using energy with my left side it feels more thick but think like honey in that it doesnt want to move while my right side is more like a gust of wind fast and flowing
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