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About demon magick
Post # 1
Sorry if I didn't put this in the right area I'm new to the site. I have some information on demon magick. Hope this helps. I do demon magick it's the practice of getting what you want from demons. It's not evil. There's a good and a bad side to this type of magick. The bad side is there are severe consequences if you do a spell wrong. The good side is you can make friends with the demons you work with. You are less likely to get hurt in dark magick. Though in my opinion magick doesn't have colors. It's based off of the intensional of the magick. Anyways the type of demon magick I do is the following.
Blood: its when you do demon magick with blood offerings.
Candle: it's when you do demonic candle magick you can add blood into these if you want.
Night: it's when you do the demonic magick at night. Summoning a demon usually takes place at night.
Pentagram demonic magick: it's when you use a pentagram in demonic magick.
I use a mixture of all of these types in my magick.

In order to do this type of magick you have to have respect for demons.
You can do this type of magick for anything.
Sometimes this magick is dangerous.
I use these types of magick.
Never summon demons like Lilith, Sahia, and certainly never ever summon the devil aka lucifer.
They are the most dangerous demons.

Lilith is the mother to Succubi and Inccubi, that's why you involve her in summoning a succubus or inccubus. Lilith for a time was the wife of lucifer. She was too much for lucifer to control.

Sahia is the true demon queen. Hope this helps.

Re: About demon magick
Post # 2
It sounds a lot Demonology.
Is it Demonology?

Re: About demon magick
Post # 3
Yes, demonology is what demon magick is.

Re: About demon magick
Post # 4
I've heard of it before I see them a lot only there colors. I did get a photo of one while I was in Washington. I can also see them sometimes.

Re: About demon magick
Post # 5
There color's Black, Red, sometimes Black and Gold

Re: About demon magick
Post # 6
Yeah, there's no gold. That's a light color. You use dark colors in this type of magick.

Re: About demon magick
Post # 7
I don't mean for this to sound like a instant true fact. I'm posting what I believe. Sorry if I offend anybody.

Re: About demon magick
Post # 8
Actually i think demonology is the wrong word here. I used to study demons and the websites would call the study of demons, demonology.

Re: About demon magick
Post # 9
Anyways it's called demon magick. I have posted spells on this type of magick. I'm rather experienced at this particular type of magick. I do a mixture of all types put together in one spell. Always do this magick at night.

Re: About demon magick
Post # 10
The reason you do this type of magick at night is because it's when dark energies are at there strongest. The reason there's blood in this type of magick, is because it's used as an offering. The pentagram the satanic one is the one that's a symbol of power. It help the demons get the summon, or your will.

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