I really need help

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> I really need help

I really need help
Post # 1
Hello All, Please I need a good assistance on how to solve this problem. Yesterday morning got into my office and saw pool of blood in the entrance, my desk, printers and windows of my office but no traces of blood showing that an animal has died. no sign that it came from the window or door as the net and glass was not pulled or broken, same to the door.

due I have washed them off using water missed with salt and olive oil.

I really need assistance to this as I don't know the reason this was done. before now I only notice that my business has not been going well, contract promises but last minute given to some other people even when my quote/price is the lowest.

Thank you all.
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Re: I really need help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: I really need help
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Quite frankly, this sounds like a matter for law enforcement.

You tampered with the crime i have no idea how its going to work out for you...but yea...the cops should see that

Ask a psychic you trust i guess...

but if youre finding blood in and around your office, i think youve got bigger problems than contracts.

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Re: I really need help
Post # 4
Maybe you occupied whose that office or someone applied for your office
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Re: I really need help
Post # 5
Law enforcement??? really?? What are they going to do? they will check, test and found out that there is chicken blood all over your office.. so he tempered with what? What the law enforcement would call a bad test joke!!! Then what? All they are going to say is that you have an insane person around you and they may harass him for bother them at all in the first place! Obviously there is black magic involved and since this is a Magical forum, what an appropriate place to ask for this type of help!!! I am learning so I really wish I could provide an useful answer, but I would be very interested of the solution(s) for this since that is why we are here, to learn and to provide the help we can!
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Re: I really need help
Post # 6
Don't know why you came to a magic forum and not to the police but even though the police tend to not be as great help as they should be... Maybe most of the time...
But, considering you didn't know what to do, the police are trained in this and at least know the first steps in this situation. But people over the internet have no way to investigate the scene and a pool of unknown blood isn't any description to go off of. Don't worry you won't get in trouble for tampering with a crime scene if you just tell them you weren't sure what to do and made a bad decision at the moment. Tampering with a crime scene is not an offense if it was not even deemed a crime scene yet but it is a suspicious behavior. If the police find nothing because you cleaned it up they just simply have no evidence to convict you or anyone of any crime because it could of been a pile of ketchup for all the police know.
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