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Second Sight Coven
Post # 1
Hello Everyone,

Second Sight is currently accepting applications for membership. We are looking for members of different areas, as well as, different levels of knowledge. We are also looking for member that can be active, at least once a week.

Second Sight is a coven full of information from different areas of knowledge, and on occasion, we have a fun time. However, we ask our members to be mature and respectful of others.

Second Sight mainly focuses on the development and growth of psychic abilities, but discuss a multitude of topics. Topics that we cover in our coven are:
Auras & Chakras
Spirit Guides & Animal Totems
Angelic Guidance
Dreams & Lucid Dreaming
Deities & Mythology
Voodoo/ Hoodoo
Candle, Crystal, Herbal, Sigil, & Love Magick
Basics (Meditation, Grounding, Centering, Visualization, Shielding)
Correspondences (Wood, Crystal, Archangels, Colors, Days, Moon Phases, Planets, etc.)
Divination (Scrying, Tarot, Dowsing, Pendulums, Runes, etc.) Psychic Abilities &
Development (Telepathy, Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, etc.)
And More!!

If you are interested and want to join our coven, please apply to our coven and send this filled application to the Priestess (Peaches) and/ or our Priest (StarWalker)
1.What name do you go by?

2.What is your birthday including the year?

3.How long have you been studying your path(s)?

4.Do you have any other Spells of Magic accounts?

5.Why do you want to join Second Sight?

6.What would you possibly be willing to teach?

7.What subjects would you like to learn more about?

8.How active do you plan on being?

9.What led you to your current path?

10.Is there anything else we should know about you?

Any Questions or concerns please message me, Winter_Wolf. Thank you.

-Blessed Be-

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Re: Second Sight Coven
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

I wish you guys luck.

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Re: Second Sight Coven
Post # 3
1)I go by Chief.2)Feb.25/99. 3)I just started studying. And I'm really interested. 4) This is my only account. 5) I was looking through the covens and I found this Coven and I read the info and it had most of the stuff I need to learn before I try some spells. 6) I'd be willing to teach black and white magick when I learn to do the spells almost perfectly. 7) I would love to learn more about my aura and chakra. 8) I'm on this site daily. 9) I have dreams of spirits and whitchcraft a lot so I chose to learn. 10) I'm 15 but I'm not afraid to give my life to something g like this. So please don't reject me just becausey age.

Thank you. -Cheif.
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Re: Second Sight Coven
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

You are supposed to send the application to the Priest/ess of the group, not post it in the forum.

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Re: Second Sight Coven
Post # 5
as far as i know, you can join only one coven at a time on this site....
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Re: Second Sight Coven
Post # 6
hello everyone I'm new to second sight :) I'm really excited to be here !:D
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