Astral Projection Help?

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Astral Projection Help?
Post # 1
I've done many meditations to try to help me astral project and none of them have worked. I just don't get it. I seem to not be able to concentrate and it just doesn't work. Or I end up falling asleep. I can't seem to get myself to visualize anything either, even though when I read, I visualize the books! Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. :)
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Re: Astral Projection Help?
Post # 2
Some people have had success with binarial beats. I spelled it wrong but if you go to you tube it will correct the spelling and take you to the beats.
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Re: Astral Projection Help?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I think AP is some of the stuff that all beginners would like to do, but all of them that I know, take some time trying and trying (I am no exception). Meditation and breath working is really important. My improvement of the breathing exercises, take much more faster than before, but remember there is many "type" of AP. I am sure that you'll know when you did the AP, just keep trying and doing the exercises.
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Re: Astral Projection Help?
Post # 4
If you have tried so many then please try this out also. It worked on me. So first lay down in a comfortable position and then visualize the energy in the third eye and then think as the energy is coming out from your third eye and making a portal to astrale plane.Then just think that you are going inside the astral plane. If you do it correctly then you might have the sensation of leaving your body. The hard part of this is that many people get excited or afraid and thus the astral project fails. So please keep this in mind and once you have done astral project then if you want to return back to your body then think about it and you will be back into your body. But for this you require patience and self confidence. And also one thing that is practice it atleast ten times and what you experience just note it ,think where have you made a mistake. If it works then please comment it or e-mail me to
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