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DIY Ouija Board
Post # 1
Could you make your own Ouija board and would it work? If you made your own, and it would work, could you use it without being in a haunted place?
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Re: DIY Ouija Board
Post # 2
My best friend and I used to play the Ouija in my house. Of course, my house is not haunted. We would Write the letter from 'a' to 'z' and the numbers, and of course, 'yes', 'no' and 'bye' on a simple Sheet of paper, using a ring. And it worked. Well, this is what we used to do, until we didn't Want to play the Ouija Board anymore, not because something bad happened, but because we just didn't Want to.
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Re: DIY Ouija Board
By: / Novice
Post # 3
The answer to all your questions is yes. Regarding the haunted place question, spirits are all around us. As the veil between our worlds grows thinner it becomes easier to speak with them. Spirits also go through periods of activity and dormant. Plus different areas can hold significance to different spirits, it could be their death place, but it could be a childhood home, or their old school, its important to them. These can effect how easy we can contact spirits. Many spirits wander unless they are bound to an item or place for whatever reason, so a century home is just as likely as a new condo to have a spirit hanging around.

Ouija boards are simple to make, it depends on the material. You could make one out of a piece of paper, but its not recommended as damage to the board is what causes negative effects. Wood is best though I have seen metal, stone, and glass boards. The wood has magickal properties to look for one that works well with divination, spirits, or protection. [I tend to look for protection just as an added safety measure] then carve the alphabet, 1-9, yes, no, goodbye and whatever else you may like on the board. The planchette can be made, or you could use a glass, a crystal, a coin, or anything else that would point to an answer clearly. As you make it you will be charging it with your energy, but be sure you do a blessing for the tool and charge it. The energy is what makes it work. Blessing it [or protecting it] is wise as it is a magickal tool like your wand or athame and should be treated as such.

Keep in mind you need to do more than carve letter, it needs to be a smooth surface, that's just basically what you do. Be sure you understand Ouija boards and spirits before using it. Most of those who run into trouble are those who didn't research.
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Re: DIY Ouija Board
By: / Novice
Post # 4
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