What is afterlife???

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What is afterlife???
Post # 1
Hey I was wondering do any of you knows what is afterlife? I mean when a human passes away he goes to the Afterlife? What exactly is Afterlife? The Astral World when someone passes away he goes to Astral World which is Afterlife, or is it something else like Heaven??? Please somebody answer to me...
Also do the animals have afterlife???

Re: What is afterlife???
Post # 2
The afterlife is the underworld. Where they go depends on how good or bad they had done while they where alive.

Re: What is afterlife???
Post # 3
So, you say that afterlife exist anf also you say that Heaven and Hell are actually real? But a lot of religions have different things to say what happpens when someone dies? What is the right thing eventually???

Re: What is afterlife???
By: / Novice
Post # 4
as i said in the message you sent me. no one knows for sure, form your own opinion on the matter. we could go to heaven or hell, we could roam the earth, we could be reborn, we could become astral beings, we could just stop. no one really knows, its a matter of belief. whatever the outcome, don't spend your life worrying about it, live to the best of your ability so you won't regret anything. [course if we just stop and there is no soul/afterlife you can't regret but you get my point]

personally, i've always believed in reincarnation. even as a child, my friends use to be really cruel about my views because we were all Christians and believing in reincarnation 'damns me to hell' in their opinion. but, as i've said many a time, if i die and it turns out i stand before the Christian god, i will say 'sorry, that was just my belief.' and hope he judges me on my actions and not that i converted.

Re: What is afterlife???
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
These things are matters of personal faith and belief. You can discuss such things with elders of your faith, or if you have not settled on a spiritual/religious path then you must realize that deciding these things will determine which you will travel. Good luck on this, a very personal journey.

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