Breaking bad habits

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Breaking bad habits

Breaking bad habits
Post # 1
Whats a spell or spells to break bad habits? I crack my wrists and bite my lips and need help stopping. My mom says i also hoard but i disagree. Lets just pretend she's right for a minute. What spells can help me break all these habits?!
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Re: Breaking bad habits
Post # 2
Meditation can really help with breaking bad habits. The next time you find yourself biting your lips for example, examine the underlying factors that cause you to bite them. Is it stress? Nervousness? Boredom? Do you bite them at a particular time of day or in a particular place or when you are feeling a particular way? Once you have identified why/when you engage in this habit, meditate on it. If it's an emotion that sets off the biting, allow yourself to feel the emotion while meditating in a safe space (whatever that is for you, could be in a circle or outside or w/e) while consciously letting the desire to bite flow away from you (alternatively, meditate in the place/ time that sets off your habit). If you do this with a focus object (I use charged sea glass in meditation) and keep this on you at all times, whenever you feel the urge to do the bad habit hold onto/touch your amulet instead and remember the meditation session and that letting go of the desire to do the bad habit. Repeat the meditation as often as necessary to keep that feeling fresh.

I'm not sure how to help with an excess of stuff in a magical way but try an "Unused" box to help sort through your stuff. Anything you haven't used in a month, throw it in the unused box. if you use something from that box, put it back into circulation in your room. That box should have its contents regularly chucked/ donated/ sold.

Hope I helped!
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Re: Breaking bad habits
Post # 3
Thank yo soo much!
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