Something should work!

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Something should work!
Post # 1
Hi! I've just joined and first thing to do in my wish-list now is. . . .
To actualy chant a working spell! Or anything like that.

Any spells that you wouldnt mind sharing and are easy to do for a beginner? For some odd reason, I'm just really curious about these kind of things lately. And I'm willing to confirm that to myself, either it's possible or not. You can share any working spell that is easy to cast for someone like me ( who never even tried casting, chanting ect ) Be it good or bad, protective or dangerous spell. Time in my country right now is 12:14. I think it's good enough for something like this.

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Re: Something should work!
Post # 2
Um from my point of view I would say your a beginner and I'll tell you something never ask to do a harmful spell unless your willing for it to come back. Also Magick of this universe is not on the physical realm but more spiritually you should beleive with your heart to cast a spell and be able to access your chakras. I'm sorry if my assumption about you being a beginner is wrong. Um but one I did that's fairly simple it to write wishes on bay leaves and burn them with candle fire for it to possibly come true. But wishing for something like wings or something impossible I'm sorry will not work.
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Re: Something should work!
Post # 3
I'm not really wishing for anything like that, at all. Just to feel the energy, shivers and cold running on my back. I'm a newbie who never even tried things like that. And I'm leaning more to chanting. I'm also not afraid of trying to chant a harmful spell, of course I'm not intending to use it on someone else. Since this is experimental thing for me. Just to confirm my thoughts. And wings, nonono. Even if I would consider of wanting anything touchable, that wouldnt be wings. As I wont be able to fit in my toilet then. I'd have to fly in the sky to poop like a bird so I don't mess up things in home. But that would be weird. Jokes aside.

I repeat, looking for anything, that works and confirms. No matter what the side effect/effect it would do to me. Even if that means it's the last thing I do. I would die happy finding out. :)
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Re: Something should work!
Post # 4
Ok so you want to feel energy and rushed of it over your body (called vibrations) so I would suggest meditating. Sit in a comfortable dark spot and focus on good things and happy things then imagine a blinding white light flowing from your head to your navel. Imagine the energy caressing you and holding you. You should feel the vibrations from the energy then. Hope it helps.
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