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Please help...
Post # 1
Hey, it seems that I like Astral Projection and that kind of stuff...
So, I was hoping if you can help me about astral projection...I haven't tried any time but I want so much to go to astral world that I can't wait!
But if a meditate first of all I don't know how exactly and probably from my enthusiasm to do something like that and go to astral world so I won't be patient and won't meditate...
So please help me about this I want to learn about it and how can I travel there you can't imagine how... Please help me!!!!
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Re: Please help...
Post # 2
Ok lets start with bursting your bubble about learning this quickly, its more or less impossible for not just this but also any other part of magical arts.

As for meditation it rather simple at least in theory just find a nice quiet place and take a seat or lie down does not mater really, close your eyes and then start breathing slowly, calmly and deeply, inhale on your nose and exhale through your mouth.
Now you must remember that this is just a first and basic step and not to mention form of meditation.

Getting to the astral plane is a bit on a tricky side and unfortunately I cannot give any help on it as I myself am still trying to do so.
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Re: Please help...
Post # 3
It's ok thank you!
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Re: Please help...
Post # 4
i can help a little here i use the pha rah on technique for astral traveling it's a bit tricky but once you can do it it will be a very happy moment it took me like a 2 days with this method once you do it you can do it everytime you want. The pharaon technique it's basically meditating and regulating your breathing before you sleep you say -pha when you inhale, -ra when you exhale and -on when you inhale again then when you get to this part it's just the opposite i hope you can make it also you know when you're astral traveling when you see in your dream a city with a really big tower in the center that is the astral city that's the place i first encountered in my first travel
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