Need advice please

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Need advice please
Post # 1
Im not even sure how to ask this but is there a way to find out if someone put a curse/jinx/spell on a person? In the last few year i lost the people I love, people who live in the are hate me, i lost my job, my career because the men at work are on war path to destroy me, i gained 35 lb, almost drank myself to death and i just got news from a dr I have a tumor. I have not gone to a specialist but looking at all that happened in last four years ...
Forgive my ignorrance but if anyone can sugest something. I would greatly appriciate it. Thank you.
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Re: Need advice please
Post # 2
It could be life just playing with you if you know what I mean and there's a slightly less chance that your jinxed /hexed etc .It completely depends on your past actions and have to think carefully ,last time I got jinxed / hexed etc was one of my friends she gave it to my best friend for me to eat well I can't remember but it looked like cause it was years ago ,after I ate it miss haps happened ,I got sick ,and other stuff ,everyone who came to heal me told me I was hexed etc and then even in bad condition I tried to investigate and find out in the end I did and was given a few choices by my uncle who did voodoo and the choices were to just fully heal me and make my life normal or to fully heal me,make my life normal and to direct them same thing back to that girl and make it even worse to her ,I chose the first one and in a no time I was back up on my feet and became a really strong wiccan in a short time and whatever she tried to do to me it deflected on her,and just 19 weeks before my friend called and told me she's gonna do it again but I didn't worry it just deflected iron her and later her family was calling me to save her ,well I went and I did and now she has been taught a lesson,.so what I'm trying to say if someone did hex you or whatever don't seek revenge except must heal yourself and protect yourself and doing luck spells on full moons should do the trick
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Re: Need advice please
Post # 3
Hi, there aren't really very many spells around that you can see into that kind of thing. If it is a spell or just bad luck you could try a good luck spell or a protection spell. Also try healing but not all at once. Hope this helped!
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Re: Need advice please
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I am sorry to hear about your bad luck, sometimes its life, we hit a long high or long low, normally we are somewhere in the middle. Don't get discouraged, this won't help. It could be karma if you did something really bad [murder, not cutting someone off in traffic] it could be a rough patch in your life, or it could be a curse. To be safe, cleanse yourself and your home to get rid of any and all negative energy, then cast a protection spell on your home as well as one for yourself. Choose a method that works best for you.

After cleansing and protecting, work on your outlook, just ignore, don't fret thinking there's a curse, this will invite the negative energy back to you and you could unknowingly curse yourself. Once that's all done, you can start casting spells to bring change like a new job. Of course you should be looking now, but in terms of spell casting, getting the negative energy away is the top priority. At this time you might even wish to look into redecorating and/or fung shui to help with energy flow and a new outlook. It isn't mandatory, just an idea to help you think different and ignore the 'curse' idea.
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Re: Need advice please
Post # 5
There are books that I stand by firmly. One states that if you think that you're cursed then you may benefit from hex-breaker talismans, spells and such things. I have tried some similar items and they do work. First you should know that the book I refer to is: Wicca Living Wicca The complete book of incense, oils & brews by Scott Cunningham. There is a Hex-Breaker Ointment in which it states to steep the herbs in shortening, strain and cool then onoint the body at night with the mixture. It requires 3 parts Galangal, 2 parts Ginger root(dried), 2 parts Vetivert and one part Thistle. Other recipes include anti-sorcery sachets using 1 part dill seed, 1 part flax seed and 1 part peony root and tying it in a white cloth that you can wear or carry or suspend over doors and windows. I have found that you do not necessarily have to use herbs in an ointment or sachet although it does work better to follow the instructions in the book exactly. Using the basic herbs alone seem to work too. For instance there are recipes for breaking a curses that uses 2 parts Sandalwood and 1 part Bay, and then the other is for 2 parts Sandalwood and one part bay and one part rosemary. Using just a bay leaf if thats what you have or just rosemary ..whatever.. you may visualize the curse broken and that may do it. It is not always necessary to have the exact ingredients but strong visualization should support your desired result. If you are using the curse breaker incense instructions then make sure you burn the herb or at least release the essence of the herb(s) into the air around you. With bay try crumpling it between your fingers and smelling it while you visualize all the negative exploding outward and away from you.

I hope this is helpful.
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