Weird Situation

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Weird Situation
Post # 1
Well today was my 2nd driving exame and i failed again, the problem is that i drive really good and safe in the normal classes and in the exam something happens i get so nervous but really nervous, i never felt this in other school/work stuff and those stuff are more important, cant even compare , when i sit in the car to do the exam something happens to my body and cant even think it only happens in the exam and i cant control it and i dont even remember of 50% of my exam and did it 2h ago, its really strange.
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Re: Weird Situation
Post # 2
When I was your age and took the road exam the woman giving the test was so sure I was going to fail that I just ignored everything else and focused on proving her wrong. Needless to say I passed with an almost perfect score. (she said I drove to close to the white line and should have been closer to the yellow lines seperating the lanes) Here is a piece of advice, relax and don't put so much pressure on yourself, just focus on yourself and the car. Think of the person giving the exam as just a passenger giving you directions to get where ever you are going and not as someone judging you.
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Re: Weird Situation
By: / Novice
Post # 3
tough thing Veradun

I know it seems obvious, but try to breathe...focus on breathing before you do behind the wheel, and then think about breathing when you get in the car.

Pretend the instructor is your friend and when he or she asks you "how are you doing?"

say "I am doing great!"

Good luck and dont sweat it!

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Re: Weird Situation
Post # 4
yeah that is pretty common its called "stress" just learn to control it(relaxation, breathing and concentration exercises) and you should be OK
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Re: Weird Situation
Post # 5
It is necessary to train to overcome the unpleasant moments

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