Hey, I'm new :)

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Hey, I'm new :)
Post # 1
Hey everyone!

I guess you can just call me Meadow or MeadowRose. I'm 23 and I've been interested in Paganism in general for years.

I recently decided to leave Christianity and explore this path which I've always felt is more fulfilling to me. I *know* a lot about Paganism, Wicca, and witchcraft but I have yet to practice or celebrate anything.

For the time being, I'm definitely going to be in the broom closet as I learn the ropes. Only time will tell if I'll ever fully reveal my spirituality to people in my real life world. But even if I don't, I have every right to keep what I want to myself.

I've always felt a pull to Aphrodite which is why she's my profile picture. I'm interested in exploring that pantheon more.

I'm excited to explore this site, learn more, and start being active in the Pagan community, even if it's just online for now. :)
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Re: Hey, I'm new :)
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Have you seen William-Adolphe Bouguereau's Birth of Venus? Maybe less modest, and less famous, but that's my favorite version.

Welcome! Good on you for researching first. Would you be interested in like, Hellenic Reconstructionism with the khernips and altars to household lares and such? Or a less reconstruction-based Hellenic polytheist (I'm sorta-kinda-maybe a little bit this, what with my attitude towards Muses and dreamwork with the Oneiroi and aesclepion).
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Re: Hey, I'm new :)
Post # 3
hello MeadowRose and welcome to the site
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Re: Hey, I'm new :)
Post # 4
I can help you with your interest in Aphrodite, I have knowledge in Greek mythology that I am willing to share.
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Re: Hey, I'm new :)
Post # 5
I'm familiar with it. It's okay, it's not my favorite though. Kind of weird, I just envision Aphrodite as either Blonde or Brunette. Personally I just prefer statues.

I haven't dug very deep into Hellenism (???) very much yet. So I'm not sure yet whether I'll lean towards truer ancient worship or more modern. We'll see. As far as lares and such, I'd have to do more research...I'm open-minded, I'll say that.
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