Line of Fate

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Line of Fate
Post # 1
Line of Fate

Our fate comes in many fortunes, its comes in the good and the bad, even at birth some fate lines do not show up yet, your fate has yet to be determined. They say if the line is absent for good, your life will be your own choosing or the worlds. Your fate line is in the direct middle of your palm it starts from the wrist and works its way up the finger of Saturn (Middle). This line to us means more than your direct path of life, fate, and insight it shows us your inner significances, your inner soul, and inner harmony.

Lets say that every chance, adventure, and journey of life changes your fate. That every moment of our lives utterly demands natures equilibrium, each moment changes you, if we do not succeed in adapting to new changes our survival is threatened. We must keep in mind that our hand patterns do change by our life choices, each choice has a consequence, and each makes a difference.

To determine your fate two main points are to be determined. One is your line long and strong, this shows me you can adapt well and your fate is in good hands. A weak line with several main lines could tell me your adaptability skills are weak, and your fate is not yours to choose, you let your fake emotions cloud your judgment of your true selves. Certain broken lines tell me how you feel your actions and morals of life are insignificant to you, but you have material things with no spiritual awakening. This line could tell the reader many things about your inner soul, and what actions you have already chosen.

This line appears to change little after the age of twenty if you acquire one at all. There are signs in those who have good adaptability that have inner and outer lines, but otherwise at a certain age we eventually or certainly know what we can endure and handle, concluding your inner self this line has to be read properly with the other three lines, one cannot interrupt one line and not the rest, but this one gives us a good clue due to its more environmental nature.
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Re: Line of Fate
Post # 2
Thanks for the post, it was really insightful.
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