just inscribing

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just inscribing
Post # 1
I was thinking that meditation with runes is not enterly need it for them to take effect, one can just inscribe the rune the rune will take effect on it's own or a mental trigger can be used, though the study of their effect and dual nature or for what they can be used is a must since every rune is the incarnation of a dif concept.

Please leave a comment on what do you think of my little theory
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Re: just inscribing
By: / Novice
Post # 2

i do believe that runes have inherent and latent symbolism and power.

But, i think a proper understanding of the runes is necessary to work with them, and meditation is a way of doing that. Reading it from a book and understanding it are two different things, i believe.

The runes will have personal meaning as you connect with them, and a book cannot tell you these meanings.

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Re: just inscribing
Post # 3
I believe Svipal is correct.

The runes have core meanings, however, the interpretation of each rune may vary from author to author, from system to system etc.

Books are a good place o start off building a knowledge of possible interpretations of each rune meaning, however, at the end of the day the thing that matters most is what the rune means to you.

Meditating on the runes is one way to bring things forward and root things in your mind for what this rune will mean to you within a reading.

Being consistent is key, the books are there as stepping stones, it is through practice and your own personal work that understanding of the runes will come.
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Re: just inscribing
Post # 4
I am inclined to share the opinion that has been offered. For one thing, without meditation, clearing yourself and bringing energies that you intend to focus into the runes, inscribing means nothing. Our energies have to connect with the purpose of the runes, we have to know each rune as deeply as we can to do this.
(lol, I should actually practice a little bit more of what I preach, because while I meditate, I could probably use more time focusing on each runes ideology and inner meaning, not just putting my chi into them)
So thanks for giving me a place to concur and learn all at once.
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