Interpret my dream please

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Interpret my dream please
Post # 1
Me and my brothers (who were black, latino and asian with me as the white brother) were fighting against something or someone, to save our mother. She was being held hostage on the rooftop of a tall building. Something happened and she fell. It gets hazy from there but in the ensuing final battle, two of my brothers get mortally wounded (the black one and the latino one) they die, holding hands along with the asian brother, the black one saying something like..I know it's going to be all ok, I will see you all in Heaven. But in my mind I scoff. I don't care about Heaven. I want vengeance against those who killed my brothers and mother. I don't care if that means I go to Hell.

Then I am driving down the highway. I know my girlfriend is being held in the back of a semi truck. I cut the truck off which at first is being driven by a cop, but then I cut him off and he turns into a zombie cop. I kill him and free my girlfriend. She gets in my car to drive. Then it is revealed that she is Satan in human form, which I find kind of weird and she points out that it really doesn't matter, she is a female right now and encourages me to test that by .... well, doing what men and women do. After the deed is done we drive down the highway robbing gas stations and drug dealer.
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Re: Interpret my dream please
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Um, too many tv shows and movies, and probably videos games have you mighty confused! A long meditation before bed time might be in order. Getting away from all media entertainment is most important. Slow the heck down!!! Every one of us needs a break to sit and do nothing, or go into actual nature and feel the real deal. And I'm not talking cement and buildings, skate boarding or bike riding. This means touching a tree, splashing water, smelling the proverbial rose. lol Get a feel for the reality of what is in the real world. Others may say something different, but I truly believe this is the problem. Once you are relaxed enough, your dreams will become more serene, and your rest will be more, well, restful. Blessed Be...
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Re: Interpret my dream please
Post # 3
Please respond to the following questions:

Did you overeat or had to much to drink?
Any outside noises when you fell asleep? (i.e. traffic, music, radio, TV, etc.)
Was there anything relative to something you read, watched, experienced, or even heard during the day?
Were you sick/ill at the time before sleeping?

Answer 'yes' to any of these will typically mean that the dream is not all that significant. If all of them are no, tell me a little more like "time of day" in the dreams, "age relation" with your siblings/people in the dream, things like that. I would be happy to interpret your dream best I can for you.
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Re: Interpret my dream please
Post # 4
I'd say this dream means you need to look at your priorities. You are putting things before what's really important to you and you need to step back and see the bigger picture. You are losing what you love in the dream and the threat is an emotionless zombie that only cares about gratifying base needs - no soul or emotions. If you don't take the time for what matters, you will lose them and regret it later.
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Re: Interpret my dream please
Post # 5
No tv, video games or anything pre-dream. No outside noises, no nothing.

My brothers were the same age as me amd it was night in the dream
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