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Ouija Board
Post # 1
I have ben doing some basic research on how to use a Ouija Board. Me and a group of friends have decided to use an Ouija Board. I have read many stories on Ouija Boards, many people have received injuries or have died from just playing away with the Ouija Board.

I'm wise enough to know for a fact that these things aren't to be messed with! But someone has told me at school that using a Ouija Board or even doing by the instructions you might become prosed or become unlucky. I'd strongly disagree with the comment that person has made. So that's why I'm here to ask if this is true? Why? and here?
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Re: Ouija Board
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Ouija Board
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Some believe in not using the board at all, as you can let things through that are bad. You can open a portal to an evil place. Your answers you receive can be easily tricky, and done by something other than what you intended. If you don't know what you are doing, I would recommend not using it. I don't use it at all, as recommended by my priest. There are too many other ways to get in contact with spirits and answers to questions in a more safe manner. Pendulums, for example, are great. Candle rituals to honor the dead, and have them come through. AND protection is most important. Protection before doing anything is always the best. Hope this helps. BB
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Re: Ouija Board
Post # 4
Ouija boards attract tricksters, not lost loved ones or the spirits dwelling in your home. So, you should listen to your school mate and avoid using it.
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Re: Ouija Board
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Ouija boards are simply tools, they are not good or evil. When the user hasn't a clue what they're doing is when bad things happen. I have dealt with Ouija Boards for about 7 years now and there has only been two occasions when we ran into trouble, but both times was a result of the people using it. The first was a spirit who hated my one friend and made it a point to bring her problems. We wound up cleansing the house and she had to wear a protection amulet until she moved away because the spirit was still hanging around the property [and she owned a lot of land] the other time a different friend yelled at a spirit. She just had to apologize but still, not fun.

Before you use the board, cleanse and charge it, especially if you bought it. When you are going to use the board, cleanse the area and the people using the board before and after to get any negative energy or lingering spirits away. If you feel safer, cast a protection spell or wear a protection charm. After cleanse be sure you cast a circle. Ouija Boards are spiritual magnets, any passing spirit is attracted to it, the circle will act as a filter stopping negative beings from communicating. However, they will be outside the circle waiting, hence cleansing a second time. Finally, store the board in a safe area where it won't get damaged.

Couple things to remember, one, people lie. Someone you are working with could move the planchette to play a prank, it is better to have the people blindfolded and have someone [or a camera] record the results. Two, spirits lie. Some are tricksters, some are lonely, whatever reason, spirits can tell tales so don't believe everything they say.
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