Buddhism and Angels.

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Buddhism and Angels.

Buddhism and Angels.
Post # 1
Hi,how you?
In Buddhism we no believe in angels, we believe in Devas.
Devas live in Heavens and Earth.
All are beautiful young ladies, that sever Gods,Goddesses,Buddhas and Buddhas to be.

When Human die, soul is judge by King Yama and his Lords of Hell, if Karma and sins have been destroyed we can be reborn on Earth or reborn in a Heaven. If reborn in a Heaven, you will be served by Devas. They will bring you everything you want or need.
Reason why Devas bring you everything you want, so you no suffer from lacking from anything.

Devas like us (humans) have a lifespan. Devas can live hundred of thousands and some millions of years in a Heaven, serving souls and Gods and Goddesses.
When they begin to die they will chant a ancient Mantra,so they will be reborn in a Higher Heaven.

Deva also have a Sister race by name of Devatas.
Devatas are mostly on Earth, they are more of a guardian being.
If they like a human, they will protect them from all suffering and bring them complete happiness.
They look like beautiful young ladies, and some different color, like blue,purple,yellow,green,pink and so on.
Devata love trees pliantly things and Music.
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Re: Buddhism and Angels.
Post # 2
Some Buddhist call Devas, angels.
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Re: Buddhism and Angels.
Post # 3
Yeah, that sounds like angels. Religion is just a more excepted version of a point of view, looking at the spiritual realities. Some times it is just people making stuff up, but common threads, like devas/angels are just different ways of looking at the same things. In my religion, angels die to be born as humans here on Earth, then after dying here we may become angels again or follow some other path based on our choices here on Earth. We will then all die again to be reborn in our immortal bodies of flesh and bone (a combination of the bodies we have now and our spirit/angel bodies). To us death just means change, it isn't seen as a bad thing. But, you can see the similarities.
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Re: Buddhism and Angels.
Post # 4

I like way you think. ;D

When I spoke to a Devata, she say Devas and Angels no like each other. I wonder why.

Deva love singing, mantras or any kind of peaceful songs.

Devas no have wings like most angels and won't fight like guardian angels. They are beautiful and peaceful ladies.
Only way if Deva is reborn on Earth, is she commit a great sin in the Heaven she lives.

Mantra Devas chants is Namgyalama mantra.
This mantra came into beings when a Deva was dying and she was trying to find away from being reborn into a lower realm. She went to Guru Shakyamuni Buddha and begged him for a prayer or being to save her. Guru Shakyamuni Buddha summoned forth Namgyalma Bodhisattva/goddess, and thus creating the mantra as well.
When a Deva begins to die, she will remember he past lifetimes in lower realms.

In history it says, " the power of this mantra is uncountable and unbelievable, its power is so vast and powerful, if any being who hears it,sees it,holds it,feels it, there sins both heavy and light and Karmic actions both heavy and light will be destroyed immediately and they will never be reborn in a lower realm again" so said by the Guru.

The Deva chanted seven times a aday.
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Re: Buddhism and Angels.
Post # 5
Angels don't really have wings, that's just a reference to their power. Guardian angels record all of our deeds. They aren't really like knights in armor or anything, so devas still sound like angels to me :)
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Re: Buddhism and Angels.
Post # 6
oh. lol
I no know much on Angel.
Never really needed learn of them.
I have a Deavta guardian and many other spirit friends.
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Re: Buddhism and Angels.
Post # 7
Devas are peaceful spirits some are immortal, but that's only a high rank of devas or devatas.
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Re: Buddhism and Angels.
Post # 8
Yes,I know Fenrir13. ;D
Only way they become immortal if they chant Namagyalama mantra 700 time a day for 700 years.
Yes,they very peaceful beings.
Devatas are sister race, but no same.

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