Book, books, books ;-)

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Forums -> General Info -> Book, books, books ;-)

Book, books, books ;-)
Post # 1
Hi ya

I'm interested in which magic books you guys like? Which author you prefer?
There are so many out there and unfortunately many, many bad ones. I have tones (!) of magic/pagan/wiccan.....ebooks downloaded from the net but it's really hard to figure out which one is good so when you have some suggestions I'll see if I have the book and read it ;-))

I really like all books of Scott Cunningham

Moon x
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Re: Book, books, books
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Christopher Penczak. He's my favorite of all time, ever.

Lately I've been influenced in a big way by Catherine MacCoun's On Becoming An Alchemist and Christopher Scott Thompson's The Bardic Mysticism of Amergin .
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Re: Book, books, books ;-)
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
One must always remember that most books are written for profit.I have yet to find a book that really describes witchcraft.But some have a little of it.
However, as regards Wicca, anything by Gerald Gardner Alex Sanders,Janet& Stewart Farrar, are as good any you could read.
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Re: Book, books, books ;-)
Post # 4
While not about Wicca, but The Soothsayer's Handbook: A Guide to Bad Signs and Good Vibrations by Elinor Lander is a nice little book that have good info on the basics of fortune telling and esp workings.

About magic in general, Charles W. Cosimano has some decent books.
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Re: Book, books, books ;-)
Post # 5
Dear Moonfairy101,

Start keeping a journal of everything and anything you find useful in your magic search. This is your book of shadows. You might find one useful read in one book and then another from another book. I don't think there are good and bad books. Just whatever you can learn from them that's important. I once bought a prayer book that was 10 pages only and had maybe only 10 words on each page. But it was the most powerful book I got my hands on.

Read and absorb what makes sense to you.
Enjoy your journey!

Blessed Be,
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