Past life interference

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Past life interference
Post # 1
I was just wondering if anyone else has ever been affected by something they did in another life. I have had horrible karma for many years, and so many things that come easier to other people do not come so easy to me (opening third eye there is a mental wall that resists me). I once had a past life reading done, and it was discovered that there are two currently influential lives interacting with my present life. One of them may have done something incredibly cruel. Does anyone else have trouble to this effect?

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Re: Past life interferenc
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Yes. From what I've figured out, though, the only thing to do with the idea that a past life is causing suffering, is the same thing to do with the idea that present life is causing suffering: live it out.

For some reason, I tried to access past lives for some insight while I was in the midst of a situation, and only got interruptions and misdirections. I decided to quit accepting it as my due, and do something about it. After the fire from that all died down, I had a dream or two that answered exactly why I had to go through that awfulness in the first place...and, I figured, that this was already coming to the point where I had, cosmically, suffered enough. That's why I couldn't access that knowledge during, because the time was approaching for it to end, and that end would only happen if I felt as if I didn't deserve the bad things anymore, said, "Enough!" And did something to break the cycle. Instead of just going, "Oh woe my karma/wyrd/orlog!"

So, basically it worked out.
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Re: Past life interference
Post # 3
Thanks again Aeon. It is reassuring to know that someone else knows about this and has been where I am. I don't really like accepting that anything about my karma is beyond me, I do strongly believe that a greater portion of a persons destiny is decided by their choices and actions, but the sliver that isn't decided that way drives me bonkers. In a way, I have been trying to counter what was done then by trying to make magickal actions that would benefit other people. (healing runes for my wife when she is hurt or ill, challenging negative entities, rune casting to help me understand my path better). I guess I am hoping this is my way of saying "enough", but as I said it is just good to hear and know that there are others out there who have dealt with similar karma.

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Re: Past life interference
Post # 4
In Buddhist belief all beings have past life and past Karmas and sins.

To rid our self of the Karma and sins we do good things for others and chant Mantra's.

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