hi everyone :)

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hi everyone :)
Post # 1
My name is Trisha, and I'm obviously new here. I'm looking for people to talk to about spells and magick.
I'm currently living between Bochum Germany and Sedona Arizona, so anyone near those areas, feel free to write!
I have been using crystals, oils, herbs, etc. for quite a few years, and am in the process of creating a positive, joyful, and loving life for myself and all my loved ones. I started my journey back in 2005 when I went to massage school... This really opened up the "spiritual" doors for me, and since then I graduated to using law of attraction, and more recently I've been wanting to try out spell casting. I have made quite a few charm bags for myself and set up a crystal grid around them, and I have also had someone else cast a spell for me (which worked perfectly), but I've never cast one myself. I am going to be casting my own spell for the first time tonight, and I'm very excited :)
Anyone who has words of help, tips, our just wants to talk, please feel free to write!
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Re: hi everyone :)
Post # 2
Hi Trisha,

Can i ask the contact of whom cast the spell that worked for you?
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Re: hi everyone :)
Post # 3
The best advice I can give is know what you want to accomplish, never let it be contaminated by negativity, and pour all your energies into it. And cast what feels right for you, never betray your conscience or the path you choose.

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Re: hi everyone :)
Post # 4
Hi there! It was a lady I went to for a reading back in Tacoma, Washington. I actually tried to find her online since then, but I can't remember her name or the name of her practice :( I only went to her once, and she worked out of her home. Honestly, I didn't think it was going to work at the time, but what I asked for was so specific, that a couple weeks later when it happened I knew it was because of the spell casting. I do know that her husband was military, so maybe she has moved since then? But I kick myself for not remembering her name!!
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Re: hi everyone :)
Post # 5
Brut, thanks for the kind words! :)
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