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All paths, names for...
By: / Novice
Post # 1
This is just a post trying to get together the names of all the pagan paths. It's already complicated enough deciding whether to sort them by region of origin, especially because, you know, people traveled and conquered and brought their gods with them. And mixed them all up even sometimes, so historically you have Jupiter Eternal Dolichenus and Caelestis Brigantia being honored and they're like...Frankenstein monsters of gods from the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Atlantic. And modern practitioners have reclaimed or made their own labels. So far, I've got...

Hellenismos (Greek paganism)
Heathenry (Norse paganism, including Asatru, Vanatru, Rokkatru)
Celtic (Ok, this one's actually odd because it's not limited to the British Isles. Brythonic, Gaelic, sure--but why is Gaulish paganism included here sometimes? Isn't/Wasn't Gaul in the mainland? Not knocking on anything, it's just difficult to systemize.)
Kemetic (Egyptian paganism)
Santeria (Caribbean paganism)
Natib Qadish (Caanite paganism)
Suomenusko (Finnish paganism)
Dievturiva (Latvian paganism)
Romuva (Lithuanian paganism)
Maausk (Estonian paganism)

Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, and definitely to add more.
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Re: All paths, names for...
Post # 2

Hellenismos isn't really Greek Paganism at all. It is own separate religion, and is also the heart of it.

Greek Paganism are basically the same names for Hellenic Paganism, Dodektheonism, Olympianism, and Hellenic Polytheism. All the same meaning behind worshipping/following the same set of Olympians, but all comes down to their own personal perspective through the nitty gritty of their paths.

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Re: All paths, names for...
Post # 3
You have both Norse paganism and Finnish paganism, but you for got Sami shamanism
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Re: All paths, names for...
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Technically Kemetic isn't always Egyptian paganism.

Pagan is a European term and doesn't necessarily apply to ancient Egypt (aka Kemet/Kmt). In Kemet, there were no defining lines between religion and anything else; there's not even a word in the original language for religion. Belief and worship was a part of every day life, and while doubts did exist at intermediatry times, the beliefs were never abandoned. Egypt(ian) isn't necessarily an accurate term either, since it's an English translation of a Greek name for Kemet.

Even today, long after the Greeks and Romans conquered, after the Catholic church persuceuted the Gnostic Christians in Egypt, and after Islam has become the predominate religion in Egypt, they still have the folk traditions. There's women who still go into the temples to be granted children, who tell stories about the good spirits (who are netjeru/deities), etc. The modern Egyptians have a lot of love for their heritage.

Certain groups under the category Kemetic are ATR or African Traditional Religions, rather than identified as pagan (due to term being European). Other groups such as Tameran Wiccan will identify as Wiccan, not as Kemetic.

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