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Spirit Animal Help
Post # 1
I want someone to help me find my spirit animal. I've heard several different ways but I don't understand how to do it. I've heard someone could help me find my spirit animal if they already have theirs. So Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Spirit Animal Help
Post # 2
Often times a persons spirit animal is the one they feel the closest to or one that represents the traits or skills you want to learn depending on how your using the term.
Most people go with meditation, some using visual aids to help in concentrating on the animal of choice. Others may cast a spell to bring the animal closer while some look for different spiritual paths associated with the animal depending on what the animal is. It depends on what your strong points are. If your good at meditation, I would suggest using it where if your good at casting, I would recommend trying that instead.
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Re: Spirit Animal Help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: Spirit Animal Help
Post # 4
Think about the type of animal you think is more like you.
Visualize your energy and that animals connecting. Ask if it's your animal.
If you feel the answers yes than that's it. If no then no.
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Re: Spirit Animal Help
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Mine came to me in a dream. Some spiritual dreams, or "numinous" dreams if you want to get fancy about it...well, they have a different texture than most other dreams. In that, I felt a connection with a Wolf...and kind of woke up disappointed. Like, "Wolf? Seriously, wolf?" I have never seen a real-live wolf. Wolves are not native fauna in the country I was born, raised, and now live in. But I felt such a sharp resonance that was bonding us...

Since that was my first brush with anything really animal-shaped in my practice, I thought that it was my own spirit animal, which it was but not in the Norse fylgja sense (which is closer to what most people mean, I think, when they say something like "totem"--originally a totem was for a whole family, not only one person). Instead, it was a symbol...spirit guide sort work with me through a particular issue, which was the meaning of a "pack" or family and my relation to my family.

If there really is a non-human animal shaped part of my soul, I can't even imagine what that sharp resonant bond is going to feel like! But I personally am back to the opinion to that not everybody has one...or, if it reveals itself, it'll be in its own time.

"Fur and Fang, Blood and Bone" by Lupa (Rebecca Luxa) is interesting to read on this topic, though.
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Re: Spirit Animal Help
Post # 6
I think they are animals you feel a bond is.
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