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Broom closet
Post # 1
Ive been doing this for a year now, all secretly. My parents are agnostic so i figured they wouldnt care. But for some reason i cant get it out. Everytime im about to say something, i say something else. Whats wrong with me? Why do i wimp out to agnostic parents? Whats the easiest way?
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Re: Broom closet
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
The unknown is a scary thing. Which is why everyone harbors some degree of fear for it. Right now, your parents are a known quantity. You can safely put them in a certain category, and they you.

People react different ways when they are met with an event that suddenly pulls someone out of one category and into another. Are your parents people who have had someone in their life suddenly do something that they disapproved of and changed their behavior towards them? Perhaps this is what is giving you some pause.

Disapproval is something that people also fear. We are social creatures. Even hermits adopt some form of socialization with their environs. We want to be connected, loved.

If your parents will react badly, perhaps you shouldn't tell them at all. Live your life how you desire. If they happen to walk in on you doing something, then confront the issue. Don't hide, don't make it seem like you're ashamed. If you do this, they most likely won't make a big deal of it.

Should you tell them, keep it simple. Don't throw blocks of information at them because you're nervous. If they ever walk in and question something you're doing, say, "Oh, I've been preparing a ritual for x-thing to help with y-thing." This leads to a specific sort of questions where you don't have to decide what they're thinking.

Good luck. Live your life towards your own happiness. You can't spend it trying to make something else happy at the cost of your own. You'll either begin to resent them or yourself, leading to the loss of both parties happiness.
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Re: Broom closet
Post # 3
ye will never have to be a witch alone - Gerald gardner

It's a scary thing. People are so judgemental these days especially in religion. I suggest you ask yourself these questions.

1) Why do i want to tell my family about my religion/magick

2) What will i benefit from telling people

3) What are my fears, and possible consequences if i go foward with this

Answer them honestly. If you still want to go through with this i suggest you leave a book on the table one night and if they ask tell em.
Another good way to do this is to sit them down on a friday evening and tell them you need to talk. Then tell them, get it out and if it's hard pinch yourself. Another easy way is to make a presentation, list the things you enjoy, the things you want to learn, and if it's a religion tell them why you like that religion and explain with maturity.'If they dont like it, or freak out say this to them. ''look i know you don't neccesarely like what im doing/following but i have my personal beliefs. I dont want you to agree with me i want you to accept me'' then ask for boundries or negotiate!

Remember even if you decide to stay quite, remember your not alone! The gods are with you. Blessed be! Do u have a religion btw?
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