Mimir's Well.

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Mimir's Well.
Post # 1

On another Journeying session, I was kinda hopping around from place to place. Somehow, I ended up at Mimir's Well. The first thing he said to me was,"Get out." And away I went? Do any of you work of have talked to Mimir? I have heard that he's very grumpy.

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Re: Mimir's Well.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Mimir is one of the deities I've worked with, invoked, and otherwise included the most with my practice. He is, indeed, a very grumpy deity. He's not the kind of deity who has patience and will help you out along your path unless he has his own reasons for it. He's very knowledgable, but also very bitter and resentful. He can be dangerous to annoy.

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Re: Mimir's Well.
Post # 3
About the time my wife and I first met on line, she was troubled with a moderate malevolent presence. She is very spiritually sensitive so this happens quite a bit. Anyway, I sent the rune Ken to banish the presence, it worked; but being that it is Mimir's rune she had an encounter with him, as well. I could not help but laugh loudly as I read your post as my wife had a bit of verbal disagreement with him, as well. Her opinion of him is very much the same as the posts I have just read.
Try not to take it personally. From everything I have studied and heard, Mimir is only taking his position and his wisdom very seriously. Look at all that has happened to him and what he has achieved. No pun intended, but it is enough to give a guy a big head.

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Re: Mimir's Well.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

I definitely think that Mimir's mannerisms have a lot to do with what happened to him. I think some of his bitterness has to do with the fact that not only was he shuffled around between the Aesir and Vanir, he was killed, and then Odin brought him back to life (as a head) when he would have preferred to just stay dead.

He's incredibly smart. Wickedly intuitive. He can be a great inspiration and source of knowledge in your practice if you can work with him. You must have patience to do this, however, and he will push you to your limits. He doesn't like "spoonfeeding" information, doesn't give away anything. He'll make you think and work for the right answers. And he'll laugh at you along the way when you get them wrong. He's not merciful. But he's not cruel.

He's a pretty neat dude with a stable head on his shoulder- erhhh...

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